Pampers Premium Care Pants for Newborns

Specially designed for newborns’ skin
Pampers Premium Care Pants for Newborns
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Give your baby the comfort of the number 1 choice of doctors for newborns. Designed with a soft waist band Pampers Premium Care Pant adapts gently to your little one's movements allowing for an ultimate freedom. With its silky soft breathable material that prevents rashes and its lotion that nourishes and protects, you can be sure your baby's delicate skin is well looked after. Pampers Premium Care Pants keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours and there’s even a wetness indicator to let you know exactly when to change. So, the only thing you need focus on now is your newborn’s happiness.

*Independent survey with 411 doctors in India in May/June 2016

Pampers, No 1 choice of Doctors for newborns*

Pampers Premium Care Pants are specially designed to keep your newborn’s skin dry and protected.

Silky Soft

Silky soft materials keep baby's skin comfortable from the very first touch

Breathable Material

Allows your newborn baby's skin to breathe.

Baby Lotion

Nourishes skin protecting it from rashes and irritation.

Top Dry Layer

Absorbs wetness and locks it away to keep your baby dry and comfortable

Wetness Indicator

Turns from yellow to blue indicating the diaper is wet.

Soft Waist Band

S-curve shape gently adapts with your new baby's movements.