26 weeks pregnant

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Your baby at 26th week of pregnancy

Your baby at 26 weeks pregnant

Your baby is the size of a marrow. Your baby is about 33 cm (13 inches) long and weighs around 795 g (1.75 lb).

Practice breathing

At 26th week of pregnancy, your baby's nostrils are starting to open up, which gives him or her the chance to practice breathing using newly those developed muscles and lungs. There's no air to take in, of course, so instead baby 'inhales' and 'exhales' amniotic fluid.

Your baby sucks

By the time you are 26 weeks pregnant your little one's sucking reflex is so strong that if his or her hand floats near the face, baby might suck on the thumb or fingers. Ultrasounds often show babies in utero sucking their thumbs.

Grabby Grabberson

If you hold out your finger to a newborn, you'll be amazed by the strength of his or her grip. Your baby is practising that killer clutch at the moment. Baby’s favourite pull toy is the umbilical cord, but don't worry: the cord can take it!

Your pregnancy at 26 weeks

Snack attack

Your baby snacks when you snack, so pay attention to what and how often you eat. Low blood sugar can make you dizzy, shaky and tired, so indulge in small, frequent meals to even things out. Read our ideal diet plan to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Hot mama

If you’re used to spicy food, then by all means, carry on. However, trying hot food for the first time can cause an upset stomach, so proceed with caution when it comes to adventurous cuisine. Read benefits of carbohydrates for pregnant women during 26th week of pregnancy here.

Did you know?

What colour are your baby’s eyes? Although the iris portion of the eye (the coloured part) has developed, there is no pigmentation yet, so it’s too early to guess eye colour. And even after baby is born, the colour might change up until 6 months.

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