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PANTS Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers For Baby

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Fits Like Swimwear.
Protects Like Pampers*
*Protects against leaks in water Shop Now

Comfortable fit
Your baby is free to make a splash with Pampers Splashers

360˚ Stretchy Waistband

360˚ Stretchy Waistband

Fits like swimwear and easily pulls on and off - even when wet.

easy tear sides icon

Easy-Tear Sides

For quick and easy removal, when needed.

Keeps your baby dry - even when wet

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All-around Fit

Provides protection in the water without any worries of a soggy diaper.

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Dual Leak-Guard Barriers®

Pampers Splashers fit snugly around your baby's legs to help keep messes contained.

Pampers® Splashers™

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