How To Change Your Baby’s Diaper Pant Correctly

Congratulations, new parents! Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived into the world. But, babies, especially the newborns require a lot of love and attention. The first few stages of their lives will mainly revolve around three things: eating, sleeping and making a mess of their diapers. The last one is the toughest of all jobs.

But, don't fret! We know exactly how to change this forever.

What Are Baby Diaper Pants?

Once you welcome your little wonder in this world, you will see diaper changes becoming trickier with every passing day. Pampers diaper pants provide you the perfect solution to support your baby's growing independence.

Let us tell you about some of the advantages of pants:

  • A wriggling or rolling baby proves a stubborn impediment when using tape diapers. Getting them to lie down for a minute, long enough to put on a tape diaper, can feel like an hour. Pampers Diaper pants can be quickly pulled on and your baby can do it standing up!

  • An older baby is always on the move and tape diapers can flip open on one side during play. Pampers Baby diaper pants have elastic waistbands that move with the baby without any uncomfortable feeling of tightness around the waist

  • Potty training is a breeze with Pampers pants. They are so easily pulled on and off like underwear that older babies enjoy the additional initiative of trying to pull it on by themselves!

  • When you travel with a baby, diaper changes can be especially challenging without the availability of clean restrooms with diaper changing stations. Pampers Diaper pants tear off on the sides and are just as easily pulled on!

How To Change Diaper Pants Properly?

You'll fall in love with Pampers diaper pants once you realize how easy they are going on and off!

1. Putting it on:

  • Ensure the pictures are on the front side and the tape is on the back

  • Just as you would pull on pants for an older child, slip your baby's legs through the opening in Pampers pants and pull it upwards

  • Adjust the elastic waistband around the tummy to make sure it is not uncomfortable

  • Lastly, check that the leg cuffs are turned outwards. This prevents any accidental leaks

2. Taking it off:

  • You do not need to pull them down like pants! Which makes it especially useful when it's messy

  • Just tear them apart at the sides, and slowly slide them out from between your baby's legs

  • Roll them up and use the disposal tape on the Pampers Premium Care Pants to secure them and dispose them in the trash

  • You can then clean your baby as you normally do, and put on a fresh pair of pants before you send them off on their next adventure!

So easy that even dads can do it?

That's right! As you can see, once dads learn how to change diaper pants, they'll be super eager to do so themselves. Many parents even go for a combination of pants and taped diapers until their babies are a little older. While diaper pants work best during the day, when your little explorer is on the move, a normal tape diaper can get the job done brilliantly at night!

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