Newborn diapers

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Newborn diapers
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Pampers newborn diapers have been specially designed to protect your baby’s delicate skin from the first days of life. Discover Pampers Pants, Pampers Premium Care Pants and Pampers New-Baby to find the best one for your newborn.

• Pampers Pants and Pampers Premium Care Pants are the Number 1 Choice of Indian Doctors.
• Pampers New Baby diapers provide 5 Star skin protection in a diaper form.

*Independent survey with 411 doctors in India in May/June 2016.

Pampers Premium Care Pants

Our best skin protection for your precious little one, crafted with silky soft materials and premium features such as wetness indicator so you always know when it might be time for a change.

Pampers Pants

Provides the trusted dryness and softness your new baby needs, together with the comfortable fit.

Pampers New baby diapers

Offer a premium skin protection to your newborn. You will like the soft stretchy tapes of this diaper form enabling an easy fastening and a customized fit.