How to cut baby fingernails

Tiny as they are, your baby's nails grow surprisingly fast and may need to be trimmed as often as twice a week. Keeping your baby's nails short and smooth prevents from scratching themself, but still allows use of their hands to learn about the world. Clipping a baby's nails when squirming is almost impossible, so here's the trick: wait until they are asleep! Are you facing problems with putting your baby to sleep? Learn techniques on how to get baby to sleep.

Here's how to cut their nails:

  • Use a soft emery board, baby nail clippers or baby nail scissors.

  • To avoid snipping the fingertip skin as you trim the nail, press the finger pad away from the nail as you cut.

  • Don't panic if you draw a bit of blood – simply apply a little pressure and some antibiotic ointment.

  • Toenails grow more slowly and are generally very soft; trimming monthly is usually enough.

To avoid your baby scratching herself (or you), keep your baby's nails short and smooth. Make sure that you stay calm during the procedure and everything will go well!

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