Taped Baby Diapers vs Baby Diaper Pants

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that your cuddly baby was lying patiently on her back, looking up at you with those big beautiful eyes and the most adorable smile, as you changed her baby diapers? Well, nothing lasts forever does it?

Once your baby is off crawling and exploring, every diaper change is a mini-battle. Now you are left balancing a wriggling and rolling baby who cannot spare even one minute from their busy schedule for such inane activities.

Understanding the types of diapers

To qualify as a quality product, a diaper must be highly absorbent and fit the baby in a snug and comfortable manner. Most importantly, it must suit your baby's delicate skin and not cause those painful rashes that make her irritable.

Trusted brands of baby diapers and diaper pants fulfill these criteria. So, what is the difference? Read on!

Diaper Pants vs. Taped Diapers

  Taped Diapers Diaper Pants
What is the appropriate age? 0-6 months (a baby that is calm) 6 months (a baby on the move!)
How is it worn? With a baby lying down on its back, it is taped to the baby's waist for a snug fit Can be pulled on like underpants for a standing baby, and has an elastic waistband for a snug fit at the tummy
How is it removed? Pull off the tape at the waist Tear them apart at the sides
Are they highly absorbent? Yes Yes
Can they help in potty training No Yes
Do they come in various sizes? Yes, based on age in months Yes, based on age and sizes (Small, Medium, etc.)
Convenient for? All day use at home and at bedtime for older babies Travel; can easily be pulled on and off!

Still unsure which side to take on the diaper pants vs. diapers debate? Here are some points that will help you reach a decision:

  • As soon as your baby starts wriggling or rolling over to get away from you during diaper changes, diaper pants are the way to go. They can be quickly pulled on and your baby can do it standing up!

  • Tape diapers can start sagging and flip open on one side during an older baby's playtime. Baby diaper pants on the other hand have an elastic waistband that moves with the baby and does not cause an uncomfortable tightness around the waist.

  • If your baby is ready for potty training, tape diapers can actually cause a setback since the baby requires your help to get the diapers on and off. This additional step can cause them to lose initiative. Pants are so easily pulled on and off like underwear that babies learn to use them all by themselves!

  • When you travel with a baby, every diaper change requires a rush to find the nearest restroom with a diaper changing station (and we all know it's not easy to find one!). Diaper pants tear off on the sides and are just as easily pulled on!

Before you move on...

Many moms use a combination of pants and diapers during the early days, primarily pants during the day and diapers at night. Eventually, the choice of which type of diapers will work best for her baby can only be taken by the person who knows her baby the best - YOU!

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