Dear hubby, you are my better- half and best dad ever

How can I forget those first four days when our daughter, Shona was born!

brought to you by Neha Jain

Yes, I did not feel the pain of delivering a baby in a natural way but when I saw a pink bundle of joy lying next to me in the OT and realized how weak she is I panicked and many negative thoughts came to mind. I could not fathom why God chose me to deliver such a feeble baby weighing just 1.3 kg.

I remember when she was born, you were not in the hospital; you were in Delhi at work. Ours was an emergency case and the doctor asked my in-laws to do immediate delivery of the child as my liquid was almost over and baby's life was in danger. I thank God for saving our child. God is great!

Although I never mentioned this to you but the way you made me feel in those four days is something that I cannot forget. You know what; I forgot all the pains and tensions because you were there with me 24/7 in that hospital room. You forgot to take bath and did not care about your food. All you could rest on was that uncomfortable bed at the hospital. You continuously and confidently assured me that our daughter would be alright and would gradually gain weight. Your soothing words and assuring eyes saved me from the condition called postpartum depression. I really thank you and love you for all the support and love that you have given me till date. You are my savior and my life-line!

Now changing gears; as our daughter is turning 2 in two days and the one thing that really makes me glad is that – now, she has started telling us when she wants to pee or poop. It's kind of an achievement for both of us. We are fortunate that in spite of being a preemie and underweight, she achieved all her milestones on time. I believe she is developing at a great pace and possesses everything that a 2-year toddler should have. We both have been blessed with super-supportive parents who stood by us through everything in our parenting journey. When we became parents on 19th Nov.'14 and grew more mature in our relationship, you made sure that you took on the parenting duties from day one. You never shy away from changing diapers or cleaning the spit after the breastfeeding sessions. The best thing is I never saw a wrinkle on your face while performing these duties, rather all I could see was a pleasant and happy face and that gave me more power as a mother.

Recently, I read about a survey that was conducted by Nielsen in association with Pampers and it says “88% moms agree that their husbands hesitate to change diapers” and the first thought that came to my mind is that I belong to that lucky 12% whose husband is all supportive while changing the baby's diaper.

The survey also states that:

“97% doctors believe that both parents must be involved in baby's development.”

“96 % of Doctors agree Father spending time with their baby regularly

from early stages helps baby's happy healthy development.”

“93 % Doctors agree Father's involvement in baby care leads to

stronger development of cognitive skills in the baby.”

When it comes to involvement and spending time with the baby, I understand that you have some constraints but that is acceptable because I know whatever you are doing is for our happiness and future. I am content and pleased to have you as a partner and father of my daughter who does everything to make sure that I and my baby are well and secure in every sense. I want to shout out loud saying that:

“Dear Hubby, you are My Better-half and the Best Dad Ever!”


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