Post-Pregnancy Dry Skin Tips

Oh no, it's that prickly, itchy feeling (not to mention those unattractive rough patches and flakiness). Dry skin can happen to anyone, and no matter when or where it strikes, it just isn't fun. No worries: These smart strategies will help restore and retain your skin's natural moisture — and help you feel and look better, too.

  • Take short showers or baths

  • Short showers or batch using warm but not hot water. (Bonus points for being kind to the environment by using less water and less energy!)

  • Use gentle products

  • Using gentle products to clean your skin. Check the label to make sure that the cleanser, soap, or body wash you choose doesn't contain any harsh or irritating ingredients.

  • Smooth on a moisturizer

  • Use moisturizer (cream, lotion, oil, or ointment) right after you shower or bathe, when your skin is slightly damp. This helps trap existing moisture. Also, apply cream whenever you wash your hands.

  • Use a humidifier

  • Use humidifier to pack more moisture into the air in your home. You'll want to check to find out if your heating system already includes a humidifier, but if it doesn't you can get a portable plug-in model.

  • Avoid getting too close to a heat source

  • Avoid heat sources such as a fireplace. An open flame can be very drying.

  • Wear gloves

  • Hands dry very quickly and easily, so protect them with gloves whenever you do something that requires getting your hands wet, or when you handle harsh substances (chemicals, greases, etc.), or go outdoors during cold weather.

  • Protect your lips

  • Use lip balm. You want them to be smooth and soft, just like your baby's!

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