Parenting is not an easy job guys!

brought to you by Geetu

My life has really turned into an intense hola-loop journey. No it's not only about feeding and sleep anymore, it's about helping a toddler grow and develop and that really requires support of four hands at least. Though in this journey from past 15 months I am able to understand that practically we as a Parent are facilitators but even that requires an undue attention and skills that no other job can match. You really can't equate job versus baby care or vice-versa. Whether you are working or your spouse or both, baby needs both of you. And when all the Moms or Doctors and surveys rightly say that #ittakes2 to raise a happy child then without saying a word, my hubby actually stands with me all the time like a doting father.

Just imagine you are travelling in a flight and the baby has pooped cleverly, do you think it's possible for a Mom to clean it alone when you really can't imagine the way these toddler move their legs, hands and practically every part of their body? It's a tough job guys to get it done perfectly in minutes.. And what about the times when your toddler will run every corner of the venue where you are attending a close marriage, is it possible for the lady to run after him in a Saree, suit and in those high-heels? Of course the Daddy will have to run after the naughty chap and get hold of him.  My baby is down with cold right now and she is sneezes atleast 10 times in an hour so can you understand how close supervision it requires to clean her nose before she smashes her hands with that filthy mucus? And these are the only few instances that I have shared, in reality there is no end to such things and the only resort is that both Mom and Dad take the responsibility of raising child together.

And frankly I'm a mother not a powerhouse. Though I stay at home but have to look after a growing baby 24x7. My toddler is vastly learning new things and though she tries things on her own, I have to be constantly there with her to hold or save her. I feel no shy to say that yes I get tired and I want my hubby to look after her in those lazy moments. I can handle her during night but the mere presence of my hubby around me strengthens me, as I know  that he will help me the moment I need it without any question! And trust me baby also gets bored to see just one face throughout the day. As she wants to make new friends and meet people, similarly she just don't want Mommy to play with her because Daddy can make better building blocks and dance well!!

So my hubby ensures that the minimum time he spends with her equates with mine in terms of quality.  Little things actually make a big difference in Parenting no matter if it's about boiling water for her food or put her shoes or diapers, every tiny effort matter. And we also make it a point to discuss her major highlights of the day so that we can discuss what's right or wrong. Like I used to get irritated often because what she only wish is to play and not to eat anything and despite of my frequent attempts she won't eat any meal properly and that made me turned angry upon her. So her cool Dad suggested me to be more loving to her and persuade her other way round or else she will turn crankier if I continue to scold her. And when I actually tried, it worked! So even 2 minds together help to evaluate the best way to handle your witty angel. Your partner can always pinpoint you if going wrong with the child and help you to look things ahead from a different perspective. I won't say that I'm perfect but together we are doing things for her in the best way.

We got married years ago and we have inculcated a sense of equal respect for each other, we value ourselves and love to do every task together to create memories. Having a child is the best phenomenon of our life and years ahead I don't want any of us feel imprecate about our shortcomings to raise our baby together so it's nice if we both continue to do our part today and days to come. Like we always say it takes two to make a baby, the same way the child needs two to nurture her. The old saying that 'you look after the child and I will look for the work' does exist today but it's better if 'both look after the child and the work too'. Even I stay at home and is away for work, but a short call can pacify me from all the tiredness of handling the child and her tantrums alone at home and and that short conversation pampers me ahead.

When my baby grows up, I'm looking forward for the day when she will say - she loves us both and not that favorite phrase we all have been listening since years-  a baby boy loves his mother more and vice-versa for a baby girl. But to build that future, we will have to make conscious efforts today. When I say Parenting is a tough job, then indeed it is but it is also the most rewarding experience of life. And this whole journey can turn beautiful, all it takes is togetheness.