Two hands to clap , two parents to raise a kid!!

brought to you by Archanaa Kumar

It is a team that works better, anywhere for getting anything done. This is essentially because no two people are the same and their thoughts, approach, ideas, execution – everything is unique and when people come together we have better solutions to problems and situations.

Having a baby is a tuff job. It is definitely a very happy thing but it takes a lot of effort, planning and it is extremely demanding physically, emotionally and financially to raise a kid. Having said this, it is not only mother's duty to stay with the child and raise her and it is not only father's duty to go out and earn and support financially. It definitely takes both parents' efforts to a hundred percent to ensure the kid has a happy and healthy development. So how could a father contribute to a child's growth you might ask or you might just have a lot of areas where your hubby actually contributes as a wonderful father in your kid's life. A survey conducted by Neilson in association with Pampers points out that “93 % Doctors agree Father's involvement in baby care leads to stronger development of cognitive skills in the baby” and I completely agree. Here are a few moments that my daughter enjoys dad's time and I really feel he does a great job spending quality time with her.

Play time:

The way I play with my daughter is completely different from how he does. I give in and make her the leader, I obey her instructions and become a student to the teacher in her. Her father becomes her friend, the witty one. He puzzles her and tries making her solve problems – simple ones for us, but real tough ones for a three year old. He makes her build blocks in a specific pattern , He makes her play Jenga with him and helps her build tall buildings, he makes her catch a small ball, he makes her hit a ball with the bat he makes her colour the walls of the house with washable crayons and she becomes super creative. They build a house together with pillows and bedsheets and play inside the house. He gives her a lot of space and a lot of scope to learn during her playtime and this makes her think better, think faster and come up with cute and creative solutions.

Food time:

I stand behind to feed her lunch and dinner and she keeps on running. He sits with his food plate and calls her to sit with him and they have competition on who finishes first and surprisingly she quickly eats all by herself with no fuss, no running around. She now knows both ways, one is my way the other is his, she enjoys both with both of us

Sleep time:

I am this routine person, who insists on making her sleep on time ,and I put her to bed switch off the light and tell her stories so she falls asleep. Her father believes in making her play enough and more so she gets exhausted enough to sleep like a baby, literally. She enjoys playing herself to sleep and these days she herself says that I can go to sleep, she will play and then sleep with her dad. The play way to sleep is her father's way and she enjoys this session a lot.

Bathing and diapering:

Now my toddler is almost out of diapering, but when she was on diapers, he made sure it was not too full, he helped me in changing her diapers , wiping with wet wipes to keep her clean and he never thought it was only a mommy's job to clean her poop . He also enjoys bathing her right from when she had been a few days baby, though he was scared initially to handle her, he was always there to help pouring water, get her dressed after bath and even till date, he is too patient and spends a lot of time deciding what dress would suit her , which bangles go well with her frock.

A mother can bring up a child , so can a father, but when the two get together and bring up the child , the little one gets to know that there is always more than one approach to everything , there is always more than one way to do anything . Two is always better than one and a hubby's role in bringing up the kid really does matter a lot.

Happy parenting, and don't forget It takes two!!!


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