5 Tips for Naming Your Twins

“Congratulations! You're blessed with twins!” These are probably the best words you've heard all your life. Now, it's time to pick names for your two precious bundles of joy, and it seems like the most delightfully confusing task ever. To keep you from choosing clichés, we have put together some guidelines for you to keep in mind while selecting names.

Say no to rhyming names

Your babies are twins, but they are individuals too. All twins, no matter how similar in appearance they are, have different personalities with distinct interests, habits, likes and dislikes, and skills. Therefore, when it comes to naming your twins, it is very important to respect their individuality. Give them unique names. Rhyming names are passé; don't opt for identical names. Instead, gift your babies unusual names that reflect their individuality.

Select names with the same meaning

This is the best way to give your babies a distinct identity while keeping them connected forever. Giving names with the same meaning is a great way to link twin names without making it evident to the world. First, pick a meaning that symbolizes something important to you and your little ones. Thereafter, search for names that carry that meaning.

Follow the trend

Play safe; follow the trend. Select names that rank high on the popularity scale. Look for names of celebrity twins or check the list of the most popular baby names of the year on online baby name finders. A popular trend is selecting names starting with the same letter. Narrow down some popular names, and pick ones that best suit your little ones.

Check if the names flow well together

Once you shortlist a few names, speak them out loud and listen carefully. Check if the names flow well into each other. If you stumble while speaking, it is advisable to avoid such names. Since you are blessed with twins, you'll be saying their names together a lot of times. Therefore, you must select names that are easy to pronounce together.

Opt for anagrams

An anagram is a simple and creative way of selecting twin baby names. Anagrams are made from mixing the letters of one name to form another distinct name. Although one name is formed using letters of another one, each name is unique. It is a fun way of naming your angels. You may also use your spouse's name or yours to create anagrams for your babies. You could also make anagrams out of the names of other important family members. Of course, if the anagrams you can create don't quite sound right but you'd still like to honour your loved ones, you could consider simply naming your children after special members of your family instead.

So, consider these tips, and give your babies a name that celebrates their individuality yet complements their twin sibling identity. Double the joy comes with double the efforts and double the baby care supplies, including the clothes and diapers. Pampers India is with you through your pregnancy, to childbirth and after. Read the tips given by our experts, and get all your queries resolved. This will ensure you have a hassle-free and beautiful journey of motherhood.

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