Authentic Indian Baby Names

Authentic Indian Baby Names

You may have been trying to find popular baby names on the Internet. There are several names like Pooja, Rahul, Rohan, and Priyanka that have been very popular over the years. The benefit of giving your child a popular name is that it is usually easier to spell and pronounce.

Many celebrities have often changed their names so that it is easier to pronounce and remember. Common or popular names are great because your child will not spend his entire life correcting mispronunciations and misspellings of his name.

There may be some who say that giving common names causes confusion. But most children have different surnames and eventually grow up embracing nicknames that help differentiate them from other kids with similar names.

A few new names that have become increasingly popular in the list of Indian names are as follows:

  • Aisha
    This beautiful girl’s name is Arabic in origin and means life or alive. Aisha was also the name of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s wife, thus this name has a rich history behind it as well.
  • Ananya
    This name is one of the names given to Goddess Parvati. It is a beautiful name which has various other meanings. The name can be interpreted to mean unique, matchless, and incomparable.
  • Benjamin
    The origin of this name comes from Hebrew. This name is suitable for boys as it means favorite son. Benjamin is also known to be interpreted as meaning ‘son of my right hand’.
  • Rehan
    This name for boys has an Indian Muslim origin. It is believed to be a derivation of an Arabic word meaning ‘scented’. This name has become very popular recently.

Instead of trying to find unusual names for your child, it might be a better idea to give him a popular name as there are likely to be fewer mistakes in the future, especially in terms of official and other important documents.

The following is a list which compiles ten popular indian baby names and their meanings.

Authentic Indian Boy Names

AdityaSolar Gods or children of infinity
MohammadThe praised one
SiddharthBuddha or the one who is accomplished
DanielGod is my judge
VarunLord of the water or Neptune

Traditional Indian Girl Names

SanjanaSoft and gentle
ZoyaLoving and caring
EmmaUniversal or whole
MayaIllusion or dream
NoorBrightness or radiance

For even more popular names, explore this list of top 100 names for baby boys. If you are still looking for a perfect name for your baby, you may choose to explore baby name suggestions by Pampers.

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