Popular Baby Names Inspired By Flowers

Over the years, many parents have been looking for unique flower names for girls. This trend has increased in such a way that today, even parents of baby boys are searching for Indian baby boy names inspired by flowers.

Flowers always denote freshness and happiness with their beauty and fragrance. Hence, they are perfect for parents who want their children to match their names with their personality, lifestyle, and experiences. Moreover, baby names by flowers are great as they usually never become outdated.

Here are some cute Indian baby girl names related to flowers.

  • Naisha The name Naisha has two meanings. The first is special while the second meaning is a lovely flower. It is a perfect name as it shows how special your little one is. It also denotes what a lovely little person your daughter is.

  • Rose The name Rose refers to the flower of the same name or a rose bush. It even refers to the term renown. The rose is a symbol of delicacy and beauty. It is apt for your delicate little one. Also, the fact that the name also means ‘renown' shows that you expect a future for your child with a lot of fame and popularity.

  • Zahra Zahra also has two meanings which are to shine or to blossom. This reflects the success and progresses your daughter would experience. It highlights the shining future of your baby girl.Here are some charming Indian baby boy names inspired by flowers.

  • Arnit Arnit means beautiful flower. You can use it to describe your son's charming personality and what sort of person you would like him to be.

  • Ketak Ketak means flower. Flowers are the most loved part of a plant. Through this name, you may describe your son's lovable personality.

  • Kunal The name Kunal means lotus. The roots of the lotus are planted in the soil while its petals rise up above the water. In the same way, it shows that your son will be able to overcome any adversity. It also reflects that he will be humble irrespective of heights of success he achieves.

Flower baby names are really cute and lovely. You may choose popular ones or even unique ones. There are a large number of flowers inspiring a variety of names. This will give you a huge choice while selecting the perfect name for your little one. If you're looking for even more baby name inspiration in the world around us, explore our top 100 indian baby girl names.

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