Marathi names Starting From ‘S’

Congratulations, mom and dad-to-be! You will be holding your little one within your arms very soon. When you will stare into his or her eyes for the first time, it will surely melt your heart, and it'll be love at first sight. And then both of you will get busy taking care of your baby, making the most adorable memories together.

Moreover, with the naming ceremony around the corner, there's going to be a lot of hustle-bustle. Amidst this chaos, you will hardly get time to find the best baby name, making you choose a name for your baby in rush. So, now is the best time to start looking for some baby boy and baby girl names in Marathi starting with S (if that's your chosen letter).

Now, we understand that choosing a name without knowing your baby's gender seems strange, but you can always shortlist some S Marathi girl names and baby boy names. This will save you some time and will help you pick the best name for your little one.

Choosing baby names with S is going to be a team effort, so go ahead and divide the tasks amongst the family members. Some can search for baby boy names in Marathi starting with S, and the rest can search for baby girl names.

While everyone will share their ideas, you might find yourself in a dilemma about the name to pick. So, start by shortlisting your favourite names, take your time to finalise the two best ones. Remember, as parents it’s going to be your decision in the end.

Although the process can seem a little daunting, worry not; here are some simple tips that will help you:

  • Decide on whether you want it to be a modern or traditional baby name.

  • The baby's name shouldn’t be very long when combined with the last name.

  • You can also choose a name with a meaning close to your heart.

  • You can also create a name using the parents' name blending technique.

  • You and your partner should be happy with the name that you all have chosen.

Here's a list of baby names in Marathi starting with S. You can also find the respective meanings beside each name, which will help you choose faster:

Marathi Names for Baby Boy Starting with S

SudharmaGood law
SaveraCrystal clear; inexpressible
SaiA flower
SaeInk; paint
SamLord of God; Lord has heard
SanSun; another name of Lord Shiva
ShivAnother name of Lord Shiva; supreme spirit
SomMoon; cute; sweet; religious
SriRespect; God; richness; loyal
SurA musical note
SadaA pure one
SaduSage; holy; saintly
SaeeThe one who makes efforts; a variant of Sae
SajuBeauty; travelling
SamaEqual; time; even; honest
SamiExalted one; high; sublime
SanjAnother name of Lord Shiva
SantSaintly person
ShashiLegend; moon; a lovely person
SenaArmy; sun
SetuSacred symbol; bridge
ShajBeautiful; loving
ShamStrong person; another name of Lord Krishna
ShanPride; prestige; fame
SharArrow; Lord of peace
ShayGift; present; hawk-like; eagle
SherBrave; tiger; the beloved one
SheyCourteous; a variant of Shea
ShodAnother name of Lord Shiva; to search
ShriRespect; love; richness; a variant of Sri
SinhHeroic; powerful one; birth; lion
SinuGod of happiness; love
Siva/SivAnother name of Lord Shiva; silence
SivuAuspicious power; the supreme spirit
SiyaBright; light
SlokMantra; chant
SmitDivine smile; smile
SnehAffection; love; friendship
SonuMorning; God's gift; pure gold
SramA variant of Shram; hard work
SreeWonderful; beautiful; a variant of Sri
SubhGood; auspicious; another name of Lord Ganesh
SukhPeace; happiness
SumaFragrance; sum; total; flower
SuriSun; another name of Lord Shiva; another name of Lord Krishna
SvarAnother name of Lord Vishnu
SwahLord of fire
SyamBlack; dark blue; another name of Lord Krishna
SyonGentle; good luck
SabalWith strength
SabirKind; patient; smart
SachhThe truth
SachiHonest; child of bliss; truth
SadalLuck will come
SadarChief; respectful
SaganAnother name of Lord Shiva
SagarOcean; water; sea; very deep


Marathi Baby Girl Names Starting With S

ShubhadraWife of Arjun
SivaprabhaWife of Lord Shiva
ShambhukantaWife of Lord Shiva
SudakshimaWife of king Dilip
SaiA flower; friend; natural
Sai SreeA flower
SiaGoddess Sita; the one who brings joy
SriDiffusing light; radiance; Goddess Lakshmi
SangamithraSocial; friendly
SaiyeishaGod Sainath
SamanyaThe unknown
SudeviWife of Lord Krishna
SvahaWife of fire God
Sai SuraiA flower
SauryaHeroic; brave; powerful
SarthakaWell done
SadgunaGood virtues
SweekruthiPromising; agreeing
SwedhaWhite; clarity; lovely
SwathikaAuspicious; beginning
SwaranjaliMusical offerings
SwarangiA musical tone
SaraQueen; princess; pure
SatiVirtuous woman; chaste
SaviSun; star; another name of Goddess Durga; sunlight
SayaShelter; shadow; close of day
SemaOmen; to speak
SevaAttendance; care; service
SianPrincess of light
SilaHome sick; achievement; old
SimaLimit; boundary; border; symbol
SimiLimit; gracious; to behold
SiriBeauty; diamond; gold; richness
SitaGoddess; Wife of Lord Shiva; a noblewoman
SivaAnother name of Lord Shiva; the supreme spirit
SiyaBlessings; light; another name of Goddess Sita
SnehaAffection; love
SohaA star; sunrise; princess
SonaBeautiful; gold; pretty; precious
SovaOne's own
SreaProsperity; credit; auspicious
SriaJoy; happiness
StyaTruthful; truth; a variant of Satya
SukiHappy; beloved
SuriLearned one; wise
SwaiA bit; little
SaaviSun; another name of Goddess Lakshmi
SachiWife of Lord Indra; blessed child
SafiaA lion's share; chaste; pure
SagunVirtuous; auspicious
SailaDwelling in the mountains
SailiCarved in the rocks
SainaReflection of Sai; princess
SairaPrincess; a bird


We hope you were able to find your favourite names. But, if you still wish to explore some more options before making a choice, check out our Baby Name Generator tool.

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