Mythological Names for Your Baby

Mythology being rich in culture has some of the fascinating characters. The mythological character names never fall short of leaving a deep, long-lasting impression on your mind. If you're looking for baby names that speak of wisdom, strength, bravery, power, charm, or God-like greatness, mythological character names are what you should be rooting for. We have curated a few lists of such mythological names from the Indian and Roman culture along with some Greek God names.

Indian Mythological Names

Baby Boy NamesMeaning
AashmanSon of sun
AbhimanyuSon of Arjun; a great warrior
ArinjaySon of Lord Krishna
EklavyaA student of Dronacharya, the archery master
AgastyaA patron saint
NamishLord Vishnu
KushSon of Lord Rama
NakulOne of the Pandava brothers
MithileshKing of Mithila
RevantSon of sun
VidurThe wisest minister of King Dhrutarashtra's cabinet
ShantanuKing of Hastinapur
UthkalSon of Dhruv
ViratKing of Mathsya


Baby Girl NamesMeaning
AnjalikaThe greatest of Arjun's arrows that he used to slay Karna
AnasuyaWife of Rishi Atri
ChitrangadaOne of Arjun's wives
DakshaLord Shiva's wife
IndrinaNala and Damayanti's daughter
LaakshiWife of Dushyanth
LopamudraWife of Lord Agastya Muni
MythiliAnother name for Sita
RudraniWife of Lord Shiva
SiyaWife of Lord Ram
VarunikaThe goddess of rain
VatikaWife of Vyasa
MitraOne of the Adityas
SharmishthaWife of Yayathi
KanikaMinister of Sakuni


Greek Mythological Names

Baby Boy NamesMeaning
DamonMeans 'to tame'; symbol of trust, friendship, and loyalty; As per the legend, Damon risked his life for a friend, Pythias
HectorMeans 'to hold or possess'; a noble mythological warrior who fought during the Trojan war
ZeusGod of thunder and the sky; Ruler of other Gods and mankind
HermesDerived from Greek word 'cairn – a pile of stones used to mark boundary'; God who served as a messenger between Zeus and other Gods; associated with good fortune, patron of travellers and athletes
AtlasMeans 'to endure'; a Titan deity who was punished to carry heaven on his shoulders for his role in the war of the Titans
ApolloGreek God of music, art, prophecy, medicine, knowledge, law, beauty, and wisdom; God of sun and light; also means strength
AjaxA Trojan war hero known for his strength and bravery
ArgusMeans 'shining'; the man who built the ship for Jason and his Argonauts for the Golden Fleece
LinusMeans 'flax'; son of God Apollo; a great musician
HeliosMeans 'sun'; a young God who rode across the sky in his chariot; brother of moon Goddess Selene
MidasA king who was granted a wish that everything he touched would turn gold
AchillesOne of the bravest warriors of the Trojan war
AlexanderMeans 'defender of people'; a renowned ruler in the 4th century BC -  Alexander the Great
ErosMeans 'love'; son of Aphrodite; similar to a Cupid (Roman version)
TheseusMeans 'to place or set'; a heroic king of Athens


Baby Girl NamesMeaning
AthenaGoddess of warfare and wisdom
DaphneMeans 'Laurel'; a beautiful nymph who was turned into a laurel tree to escape the advances of God Apollo
HelenMeans 'female beauty'; daughter of Zeus; her elopement to Troy with Paris triggered the Trojan war
PenelopeSignifies loyalty and faithfulness in relationships; as per Homer's Odyssey, Penelope fended off the suitors' advances while Odysseus (her husband) was fighting the Trojan war
PhoebeMeans 'bright and pure'; associated with moon
SeleneGoddess of moon who drove the silver moon chariot
IrisGoddess of rainbow; messenger to Gods; coloured part of the eye
CassandraA Trojan princess; means 'to excel or shine'
ThaliaOne of the nine muses; She presided over pastoral poetry and comedy; means 'to blossom'
AntheaMeans 'flower or blossom'
LarisaMeans 'citadel'; as per legend she was either the daughter or the mother of Pelasgus (the ancestor of mythical Pelasgians)
ChloeMeans 'green shoot' that refers to plant growth in spring; another name for Goddess Demeter
HermioneDaughter of Helen and Menelaus; derived from Hermes - the messenger God
CirceMeans 'hawk'; a sorceress who changed Odysseus's crew into pigs
Rheaa Titan who was the mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Hestia


Roman Mythological Names

Baby Boy NamesMeaning
ConsusGod of harvest
CupidGod of love
EvanderHero of the Trojan war
ItalusThe father of legendary founders of Rome
JupiterSupreme God
MarsGod of war
NeptuneGod of sea
SilvanusGod of forests
VulcanGod of fire
SaturnGod of agriculture


Baby Girl NamesMeaning
AuroraGoddess of morning
CeresGoddess of agriculture
FaunaGoddess of fertility
FloraGoddess of flowers
MinervaGoddess of wisdom
VenusGoddess of love
VestaGoddess of hearth
FelicitasGoddess of luck
BellonaGoddess of war
AngeronaGoddess of winter solstice
CardeaGoddess of change
JuturnaGoddess of fountains


Be it Indian or Norse mythology names, you can choose from these enthralling character names that'll stand-out for your baby.

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