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Congratulations! You are blessed with twins! The first time you heard these words, your joy knew no bounds. You probably started deciding everything from cute clothes to baby-room colours. Twins mean double the love and excitement. However, having twins means you're going to need not one but two names for your little cuties. Fret not! We're here to help you with rhyming baby names for twins that are stylish and adorable.

Nothing is better than receiving the precious gift of two baby girls. Here are some rhyming twin names for girls.

AmandaLovableMiranda Admirable;prosperous; peace
AnishaSupreme or ContinuousTanishaAmbition
EeshaGoddess Parvati; Purity; Gift of GodTeeshaunderstanding
FionaWhite; fairHannaGrace; favour
KailaLaurel crown; styleNailaAttainer
MiraDevotee of Lord Krishna; prosperousZafiraTriumphant; victorious

If you're blessed with two sons, choose from these rhyming twin names for boys, and you're good to go!

AyanPathway to the sunKayanStar
RahilOne who shows the way; travellerSahilSea shore; guide
VivaanFull of lifeRivanA star
TanvirEnlightenedRanvirHero of the battle
AyanshPart of parentsDevanshPart of God
StevenCrown; garlandEvanGod is gracious
KavishKing of poets; name of Lord GaneshaRavishThe Sun
RihaanDestroyer of enemiesHridaanGreat heart

If God has gifted you a prince and princess, it is not difficult to find rhyming names. This list of girl-boy twin names will give you the perfect pair.

Boy NameMeaningGirl NameMeaning
RuhanSpiritual; kind heartedRuhiSoul
SameerEarly morning fragranceHeerDiamond
AdityaSolar God; children of infinityNityaperpetual
TanaySon; dear oneTanyaFairy queen
HarryHome; power; rulerCarrieFree being; melody
RishiSage; ray of lightKhushiHappy
FreddiePeace; ruler; powerPhoebebright; clear; radiant
Wilsonson of WilliamAlisonNoble; light
PrestonPriestKristenA follower of Christ


Coming up with two related names is a challenge. However, among these baby names for twins, you may find names that are as precious as your giggling sweethearts. If you didn't find the perfect name among these, play around with our Baby Name Generator, to find even more inspiring options. Pampers India is here to help you at every turn of your pre- and postnatal journey.

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