Best Telugu Girl Names with Meanings

Heartiest congratulations to you both on your new bundle of joy - it's a girl! Your little angel’s arrival has spread happiness and love throughout the house. With a grand naming ceremony - Barasala around the corner, the family must be so excited and eagerly waiting to hear your girl’s name. However, amidst all the joyous atmosphere, as mom and dad, you might be finding it confusing to settle on a baby girl name that best suits your daughter.

Finding a well-suited Telugu girl name for your child should no longer be a task. Read on until the best baby name catches your eye and heart.

List of Telugu Baby Girl Names with Meanings:



AaditaDenotes the beginning
AaditriDenotes positivity, hope, health
AadrikaRefers to a mountain
AaghnyaThe one who is born from fire; refers to Goddess Lakshmi
AmolikaThe one who is priceless
BageshriDenotes pleasantness; raga of Carnatic music
Banhi/BaniDenotes strength, fierceness, fire; refers to Goddess Saraswati
BlessyThe one who is a blessing
BethinaDenotes God's promise
BrishtiDenotes rain
CauveryRefers to the name of the river; denotes energy, force of life
ChadnaDenotes love
ChahanaDenotes desire; affection
ChitrathiRefers to a bright chariot
CheshtaDenotes desire
DakshaRefers to The Earth; Sati
DarshiniThe one who blesses
DayanitaDenotes tenderness
ElaRefers to cardamom tree
EkantaThe one who is a devoted girl
ElinaThe one who is pure and intelligent
EdhaThe one who is sacred
ElavarasiThe one who is youthful princess
FreyaGoddess of love
FeralThe one who is wild, untamable
FirakiDenotes fragrance
FaloniThe one who is in charge
GrishmaDenotes the warmth of summer
Grecy/GracyRefers to angel; protector
GeneliaThe one who is charming
GarvitaDenotes pride
HarshiniThe one who is always happy
HradhaDenotes lake, calmness
HritvikaRefers to the joy of love
HitiDenotes love and care
HitansiDenotes simplicty, purity
HradiniDenotes lightening
IdhaDenotes insight
IshaniGoddess Parvati
IvaankaRefers to the graciousness of God
IllishaRefers to the queen of Earth
IhithaDenotes desire; prize; effort
JesriDenotes victory
JemishaRefers to the queen of night
JassicaDenotes wealth
JasmikaDenotes fragrance
KanakaRefers to gold
KshyanikaThe one who is transient
Kosha/KoeshaRefers to the name of river
KivyaaRefers to the queen of birds
KianaRefers to the Goddess of moon, divine, heavenly
KayraDenotes peace; uniqueness
LunashaDenotes beauty of flower
LoticaThe one who spreads light
LokiniThe one who cares for all
LithikshaDenotes beauty
LincyDenotes kindness
MythriDenotes friendship
Mysha/MishaThe one who is always happy
Mrinmay/MriganayaniRefers to a deer's eye
MehnazDenotes moon's glory
MarisaOf the sea; denotes bitterness
NyshaDenotes new beginning
NymishaRefers to the twinkling of an eye
NivertaDenotes bliss
NivashniRefers to diamonds
NeishaDenotes lovely flower
NaomiThe one who is very beautiful; above all
OviyaRefers to an artist
OeshiRefers to a divine rose
OleviaRefers to olive
OdathiSomething that is refreshing
OjaDenotes vitality
OmairaRefers to a star
PakhiRefers to a bird
PrushtiDenotes the colour pink
PriscaThe one who is saint-like
PrinsiRefers to a princess
PreshtiDenotes the ray of light
PreritaThe one who inspires
RitilRefers to creeper/climber of love
RionaThe one who is royal, queenly or celtic
RhyahRefers to the queen of sun
ReshaDenotes feather line; the one who is saint-like
RencyTo be reborn
RajishaRefers to the moon
RainaRefers to the princess of the night
SyraDenotes fate
SwecchaDenotes freedom
SvaraDenotes morning; Goddess of sound
Tvisha/TveshaSomething that glitters; the one who is beautiful, impulsive and brilliant
TritiyaRefers to river
TritiyaA moment in time
TisyaDenotes auspiciousness; a lucky star
UdvitaRefers to a river of lotuses
UpkoshaDenotes treasure
UtalikaDenotes waves
VrustiDenotes heavy rainfall
VritekaDenotes success in life
VivaThe one who is full of life


With around 100 names to scroll through, we hope our list helped. You might have shortlisted some of the unique girl names for your baby until now. So, make the ideal choice. Happy Barasala! If you need to expand your baby name search or look for an alphabet that was missing in the list, check out our Baby Name Generator tool. Looking for more baby names? Have a look at the top 100 popular Indian baby names by Pampers. You could also take a look at our list of cool unisex baby names for your little one OR know that we have a separate list of trending 2021 Baby Girl Names & 2021 Baby Boy Names which you can always refer. For cute baby nicknames, do check out our list of 50 cute baby nicknames to find the special name that would just be for you and your loved ones. Apart from the wide range of Baby Names articles, we also have some useful tools/checklist at your disposal; do check them out below: Pregnancy due date calculator to get an estimation of your baby’s due date & visit our Hospital bag checklist page so that you are prepared for your baby’s arrival.

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