Baby Nicknames

Top 50 Baby Nicknames

You put in a lot of effort and select the ‘perfect name’ for your little one. The official name of your baby will be known to the world; however, a baby's nickname is just for you and your loved ones. A nickname underlines the bond between you and your child.

Here are 25 baby nicknames for boys, for you to choose from.

Boy names Meanings Nicknames
Michael Who is like God Mike
Akshat Cannot be injured Akki
Avinash Eternal; unconquerable Avi
Devarsh Worshipper of God Dev
Darshan Visions of divine Darsh
William Desire; protector Willy; Will
Daniel God is judge Danny; Dan
Aditya Sun Adi; Adit
Ashutosh Lord Shiva; easily pleased Ashu
Rishan Good human being Rish
Nishanth Destroyer of darkness Nish
Virat Giant Veer
Abhishek Shower of milk or water over an idol Abhi
Nilesh Lord Krishna Neel
Vedant Hindu philosophy Ved
Edward Wealth; fortune; guardian Eddie
Reyansh Ray of light Rey
Akshay Name of a God Shay
Monish Lord of mind Monu
Krishna Lord Krishna Krish
David Beloved; favourite Dave
Vikram The sun of valour Vicky
Robert Famous; bright Bobby; Rob
Sidharth One who is accomplished Sid; Siddy
Leonardo Brave as a lion Leo

Pick any from the above-mentioned baby boy nicknames and give your little prince a nickname, as adorable as he is.

Below is a list of 25 baby girl nicknames for your cute princess.

Girl names Meanings Nicknames
Ridhima Full of love Ridz
Anjali Tribute; angel; messenger; Gift of God Anjie
Jessica God beholds Jessi; Jes
Elizabeth God is my oath Liz; Beth; Elly
Tanya Fairy queen Tani; Tanu
Sonika Daughter of the sun Sonu; Soni
Evelyn Bird Eve
Ishita Desired; greatness Ish
Zarine Golden Zara
Kriti Creation; work of art Kittu
Minisha Lord Krishna's devotee Mini
Manvi Goddess; respected Mani; Manu
Christina A follower of Christ Chris; Christie
Saina Princess Sai
Angelina Angel; messenger Lina; Angie
Rebecca Captivating Becky
Anushka Gracev Anu
Trishna Thirst Trish
Anamaria Grace; Mary Anna; Maria; Ann
Alexandria To defend; to protect Alex; Ria
Apurva Unique Apu; Purva
Katrina Pure Kat; Rina
Paridhi Realm Pari; Riddhi
Aishwarya Wealth Ash
Shonali Golden Shona

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