Baby Nicknames

Top 50 Baby Nicknames

You put in a lot of effort and select the ‘perfect name’ for your little one. The official name of your baby will be known to the world; however, a baby's nickname is just for you and your loved ones. A nickname underlines the bond between you and your child.

Here are 25 baby nicknames for boys, for you to choose from.

Boy namesMeaningsNicknames
MichaelWho is like GodMike
AkshatCannot be injuredAkki
AvinashEternal; unconquerableAvi
DevarshWorshipper of GodDev
DarshanVisions of divineDarsh
WilliamDesire; protectorWilly; Will
DanielGod is judgeDanny; Dan
AdityaSun Adi;Adit
AshutoshLord Shiva; easily pleasedAshu
RishanGood human beingRish
NishanthDestroyer of darknessNish
AbhishekShower of milk or water over an idolAbhi
NileshLord KrishnaNeel
VedantHindu philosophyVed
EdwardWealth; fortune; guardianEddie
ReyanshRay of lightRey
AkshayName of a GodShay
MonishLord of mindMonu
KrishnaLord KrishnaKrish
DavidBeloved; favouriteDave
VikramThe sun of valourVicky
RobertFamous; brightBobby; Rob
SidharthOne who is accomplished Sid;Siddy
LeonardoBrave as a lionLeo

Pick any from the above-mentioned baby boy nicknames and give your little prince a nickname, as adorable as he is.

Below is a list of 25 baby girl nicknames for your cute princess.

Girl namesMeaningsNicknames
RidhimaFull of loveRidz
AnjaliTribute; angel; messenger; Gift of GodAnjie
JessicaGod beholdsJessi; Jes
ElizabethGod is my oathLiz; Beth; Elly
TanyaFairy queenTani; Tanu
SonikaDaughter of the sunSonu; Soni
IshitaDesired; greatnessIsh
KritiCreation; work of artKittu
MinishaLord Krishna's devoteeMini
ManviGoddess; respectedMani; Manu
ChristinaA follower of ChristChris; Christie
AngelinaAngel; messengerLina; Angie
AnamariaGrace; MaryAnna; Maria; Ann
AlexandriaTo defend; to protectAlex; Ria
ApurvaUniqueApu; Purva
KatrinaPureKat; Rina
ParidhiRealmPari; Riddhi

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