Traditional Ways for Namkaran (Baby Naming Ceremony) in India

The baby naming ceremony is popularly known as namkaran in India. It is a huge family affair and is probably something you have been looking forward to for a long time. The baby naming ceremony in India will witness you rushing to make arrangements for everything from the venue to the outfits. Every person attending this ceremony will be keen to know the name you've picked for your angel. After all, announcing your baby's name is the star moment of the event!

Read on to find some fascinating baby naming ceremony baby naming ceremony ideas and choose one that appeals to you the most.

Write it in the sky

Fireworks—one of the most exhilarating ways of revealing your baby's name! If the naming ceremony is in the evening, nothing will be better than fireworks. They will help you reflect your joy to the world while adding a traditional touch to the event. Opt for fireworks that will light up the night skies with your baby's name! However, it is advisable to take professional help while lighting the fireworks to ensure optimum safety and precision.

Let your guests guess

The most intriguing and simplest ways to announce the name is by playing a game. Just reveal the first and last letter of your baby's name and let your guests discover the rest! Take the fun a notch higher with a reverse countdown, while your guests put their assumptions along with their names in the guessing box. At the end of the game, read through the chits and pick the ones that match the name you've decided for your baby. Reveal it to the guests, and don't forget to reward the winners!

Say it with sweets

Announcing good news is always better with sweets and, therefore, this is by far the most charming way to introduce your baby to the world! Distribute boxes of sweets with each sweet bearing a letter that is arranged to spell out your baby's name. Once each guest receives the box, begin a countdown, and let everyone open their boxes at the same time. This is an adorable yet conventional way of revealing your sweetheart's name.

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Once you have decided on the perfect name, the naming ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate. These fun-filled ideas to announce your baby's name add a traditional touch to your event. Read through the various baby naming ceremony ideas and other handy tips by Pampers India experts.

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