Baby Boy Names & Baby Girl Names Starting From ‘H’

Soon to be mom and dad, how is your excitement holding up? Now that you’ve entered the last stretch of your pregnancy, nothing would be on your mind, except for welcoming your precious little one, right? Well, it definitely suits the plan. But have you thought of any names for your baby, yet? If you are planning to keep this name hunt activity on hold, let us tell you that once the baby arrives you and your better half will have little to no time up your sleeves. You will be muddled between feeding your baby, changing his diapers and trying to make him go to sleep. In the end, you will be piled up with the additional task of finding the perfect name for your baby girl or baby boy. So, it’s best to get that ball rolling. Firstly, you will need to jot down the starting alphabet. After much discussion, say you and your spouse choose the letter ‘H’. Now the real, fun activity starts. For this, you can even get your loved ones together and start searching for the perfect name for your little one. Remember that this name is going to stay with him/her forever, so pick wisely. Keep all the factors in mind, which might include religious connotations. You can definitely take suggestions from your near and dear ones. But in the end, it’s your choice. Pick a name with H that you truly feel resonates with the apple of your eye. To further help you out we’ve got a list of names with ‘H’. Whether you are looking for ‘H’ names for girls or baby boy names starting with ‘H’, you will find everything here. To make your decision easier, this list of names with H has got the meaning of each name. So, keep on reading to view the to-be name of your baby.

Baby Boy Names Starting With H And Their Meaning


Baby Boy Names From ‘H’Meaning
HiteshDenotes Lord of goodness
HitanshOne who is a well-wisher
HadiDenotes the guide
HoudDenotes a Prophet’s name
HaibRefers to one’s greatness
HeetDenotes love
HardikDenotes heartfelt
HarindraRefers to a tree
HarjeetOne who is victorious
HarijRefers to the horizon
HiranDenotes gold
HridyanshDenotes a part of the heart
HridhaanRefers to one who is kind and generous
HrehaanDenotes God’s chosen one
HrishikeshDenotes the Lord of senses
HarinOne who is pure at heart
HakeshDenotes the Lord of sound; Lord Vishnu
HansalOne who is pure, swan-like
HansinDenotes the universal soul
HanveshOne with a very soft mind
HariomDenotes the great Lord Vishnu
HarshatRefers to happiness
HarshvardhanOne who brings joy and happiness
HarshilRefers to the one who is joyful and kind-hearted
HarmanDenotes a Lord’s Heart
HareshDenotes the great Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva
HakeshDenotes the Lord of sound
HarirajOne who is brave
HitenDenotes the heart
HuteshDenotes the God of earth
HitarthOne who is a well-wisher
HritvikDenotes desire


Baby Girl Names With H And Their Meaning


Baby Girl Names From ‘H’Meaning
HarshitaOne who is always happy and merry
HaimiDenotes golden
HarikaDenotes the great goddess Parvati
HaritaOne who is fast and progressive
HemaRefers to nectar
HirshaDenotes the Lord Vishnu
HarshikaOne who is joyous; full of laughter
HavishaaDenotes the great goddess Lakshmi
HanaDenotes happiness
HaizaDenotes royalty
HelaiOne who is pure like a swan
HirvaDenotes one of the four Vedas
HemakshiRefers to the one with golden-eyed
HarshalaDenotes happiness; delighted
HarihiniDenotes the daughter of Lord Vishnu
HemasriOne with a golden body
HazelDenotes a leader
HiranyaDenotes gold
HritikaOne who is truthful
HritiDenotes happiness
HarshniOne who is joyful and happy
HeniDenotes a crown
HiyaDenotes heart
HamsaRefers to the qualities of a swan
HarshadaOne who brings happiness
HasitaOne who is happy, full of laughter and joy
HanishaDenotes a beautiful night
HaruniRefers to a deer
HumailaDenotes a golden necklace
HrithikaOne with a kind heart
HruthiDenotes love
HumaDenotes the bird paradise
HanithaOne who rides a swan
HizaOne who is lucky
HusnikaOne who is beautiful
HasiniDenotes a celestial nymph
HeshaDenotes to be complete
HelenOne who is like a bright, shining light
HoorRefers to virgins of paradise,
HeenaRefers to a beautiful fragrance


We hope that this list of H names for boys or H names for girls made you fall in love with at least one name. Name searching is definitely a fun activity! If you didn’t spot the right name for your baby, don’t stress out. Head to our Baby Name Generator, now! You will surely find names for girls and boys with the letter H. Keep searching, one unique name will surely click your heart!

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