Baby Boy Names & Baby Girl Names Starting From ‘I’

Congratulations! Mommy-to-be, you are almost in the final stretch of your pregnancy. The countdown of your little one’s arrival has begun and the big day is getting closer. In no time, he or she will be in your arms and when his little eyelids open up, you will be looking at the apple of your eye. It’s surely going to be a moment to cherish forever. But hold up! Have you thought of a name for your precious little one, yet? The final few weeks of your pregnancy is literally the perfect time to start looking for baby names. It’s because once your baby comes, you and your spouse will have a lot on your plate. Thus, leaving you with no time to go on a name hunt. So, why not get to it right away? When you are choosing names from a sea of names, it’s best to narrow down the starting alphabet. It makes your search party easy and super fun. If you have narrowed down to ‘I’ as the starting alphabet, we’ve got you covered with a list of names with I. Be it I names for girls or I names for baby boys, you will find everything here.

Likewise, the following list of baby girl names with ‘I’ and boy names starting with ‘I’ consists of meaning for each name. This will make your scouring job easier and help you pick a unique name for your little one at your leisure. You can even ask your loved ones for suggestions. But in the end, it’s you and your better half’s call. Keep in mind that this name is going to stay with your little one for his/her entire life. So, don’t hurry. Take your time and pick a name wisely. Let’s get the search party started, shall we?

Baby Boy Names Starting with I And Their Meaning


Baby Boy Names From ‘I’Meaning
IaanDenotes pride, Lord Shiva
IbhanDenotes Lord Ganesh
IbhyaOne who is the possessor of many attendants
IbaadRefers to a worshipper
IbrahimDenotes the planet earth; A prophet name
IcchakaOne who is able to grant desires
IdaspatiDenotes the God of rain (Lord Vishnu)
IdhantOne who is luminous
IdhayanDenotes joyous heart
IdrisDenotes a Prophet's name; Fiery Lord
IdenyaOne who is praiseworthy
IdhmaRefers to the sacrificial fuel, the fuel used for yajna
IfranDenotes identity
IhanRefers to a full moon
IhitDenotes prize, honour
IjayDenotes the great Lord Vishnu
IjazDenotes honour; one’s esteem
IkanshRefers to the whole universe
IksanaDenotes sight
IkeshOne who is unique
IkshinDenotes eyes
IklilDenotes a crown; garland
IkvalOne who is prosperous; has a good fortune
IleshDenotes the Lord of Earth
InakantaOne who is beloved of the sun, the sunstone
IndeeverDenotes the blue lotus
IpsitOne who is desired
IpilRefers to the stars
IqbalDenotes prosperity
IraaivanDenotes Lord
IravanOne who is the king of the ocean
IravatRefers to rain clouds
IrfanDenotes wisdom
IraiyanOne who is blessed
IshaanDenotes the great Lord Shiva
IshanaAnother name of Lord Vishnu
IshmitRefers to the lover of God; Friend of God
IthayaOne who is associated with Lord Ayyappa
IvaanRefers to God’s gracious and glorious gift
IvilakaDenotes a wealthy son
IyengarDenotes the Lord Krishna
IyadRefers to a big mountain
IzziOne who is powerful
IzaanOne who is obedient


Baby Girl Names with I And Their Meaning


Baby Girl Names From ‘I’Meaning
IbhaDenotes hope
IbtihaajOne who is full of joy
IcchavatiOne who desires
IchaaDenotes desire
IdaiDenotes awakening; love
IdhitriOne who praises
IdhayaDenotes heart
IdhikaAnother name of goddess Parvati
IfzaRefers to a protective angel
IhinaaDenotes enthusiasm, desire
IipsithaOne who is desired; wished
IjayaDenotes sacrifice
IkshitaOne who is visible; Beheld
IkmaniOne with one heart and one soul
IkshanaDenotes sight
IkshuOne who is sweet as sugarcane
IkshulaRefers to the Holy river
IkshuraDenotes a fragrant grass
IkroopOne who has a beauteous form
IlavalangiOne who is beautiful and young
IlyasiniDenotes music
IlvikaOne who is defending the earth
ImaraRefers to the female version of Imre
ImaniOne who is trustworthy
InasOne who is capable
InayatDenotes kindness
IndaliOne who is extremely powerful
IndrajaRefers to the daughter of Indra
IndrakshiqThe one with beautiful eyes
IndraniRefers to the queen of Indra
InduDenotes a bright drop
IndulekshDenotes moon
IndumauliDenotes crested moon
InikaRefers to the earth which is small
InkuraliOne who has a very sweet voice
InsolDenotes sweet words
InuOne who is attractive
IpsitaDenotes desire
IraOne who is full-grown; watchful
IrajaRefers to the daughter of the wind god
IravathiRefers to the river Ravi
IritDenotes daffodil
IshanviDenotes the goddess Parvathi
IshaniDenotes the goddess Durga
IshikaRefers to a paint brush
IshithaOne who is superior
IshtaDenotes the Lord Vishnu
ItkilaDenotes a pleasant fragrance
ItaraRefers to the mother of Aitareya
ItikaOne who is endless
IvaankaMeans God is gracious
IvanshikaOne who is the grace of God
IylaOne who is bright as a moonlight
IyalisaiDenotes music
IznaRefers to light
IzraOne who is the star


Phew! That was a long list of baby boy and baby girl names with I. We hope that you found a name which is suitable for your adorable baby. If not, don’t worry. You can check out our Baby Name Generator which has baby girl names with ‘I’ and boy names starting with ‘I’ as well. Keep searching, soon you will come across a name that will woo your heart.

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