5 Calcium Rich Foods Recommended For Pregnant Women

We all know about the importance of calcium for maintaining a healthy body. It keeps the bones and teeth strong and plays a key role in sustaining a regular heartbeat. The significance of calcium is amplified even further in the third trimester of a woman's pregnancy, mainly because the baby starts to absorb the nutrients from your body around that time to support its own growth. Eating right quantity of calcium during pregnancy is extremely important to ensure the well-being of mother & child. On an average, the foetus requires 30 grams of calcium towards the end of the gestation period.

For this reason, it is crucial that you include calcium-rich foods in your pregnancy diet and maintain a consistent intake, at least until you give birth. But you must ensure you consult your doctor before making any diet changes.

5 Calcium Rich Foods To Include In Daily Diet

Listed below are five suggestions that will help you supplement your body's rising caldoctcium needs and ensure an adequate supply:

1. Dairy: One of the most popular sources of calcium, a simple glass of milk in the morning can be the perfect way to kick off your day and increase your energy. In fact, any dairy product, including yogurt and cheese, will keep your calcium content high. Assuming you are not allergic to dairy, consuming a glass of milk can replenish you with about 300 mg of calcium. A cupful of yogurt can provide you with about 450 mg, whereas a cup of cottage cheese contains up to 138 mg of calcium, making dairy a valuable resource of food during pregnancy.

2. Dates: The essence of this exotic fruit is rooted in nutrients, especially calcium. These chewy delights are also high in other nutrients like carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, and iron, making it a beneficial food to eat in pregnancy. A 100-milligram serving of dates can fill you up with roughly 39 mg of calcium. And the best part is that they are dried and available in grocery stores all through the year, so you can eat them anywhere and at any time throughout your third trimester!

3. Almonds: Yet another winner from the dry fruit family, almonds are replete with the power of calcium as well as Vitamin E. By consuming a quarter cup, you can provide your body with 88 mg of calcium. Not to mention, eating them in a moderate amount on a daily basis can aid in decreasing inflammation, blood sugar, and oxidative stress, which prevents babies from developing metabolic disorders later on.

4. Tofu: Tofu is a great food for pregnant women because it is rich in essential nutrients like iron, protein, and – yes, you guessed it – calcium. What's more, it has a low caloric value and is high on antioxidants, which lowers the risk of breast cancer. These are just a few reasons why every pregnant woman's diet should consist of this versatile ingredient.

5. Fruits: In the third trimester of pregnancy, you might be feeling averse to a majority of foods, perhaps even dairy. If that's the case, then consider indulging in fruits like oranges, kiwis, strawberries and tangerines. Not only do they prove to be a safe pregnant women diet, but they are also calcium rich fruits. Plus, they are delicious little treats, so fruit up!

There is a lot of other food for pregnant women that can enrich you with the requisite dose of calcium. However, before you chalk these items down on your grocery list, don't forget to consult with your doctor and make sure it is safe for you to consume them. After all, your body is undergoing a lot of changes, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. If you do get that green signal from the doctor, enhance your pregnancy diet with these calcium-rich foods and ensure a healthy body for you and your little one. From week by week expert tips on pregnancy calendar to new born baby care tips & wide range of baby diapers & wipes, Pampers India is here to guide you through the amazing journey of early parenthood.

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