Pregnancy diet plan: Eating carbs

You may have heard mixed messages about carbohydrates. Athletes tout 'carbs' for their high-energy benefits, but some sources say that they are empty calories and recommend limiting them to help with weight control. What's the real story on carbs, and what role do they play in pregnancy? The answers depend upon the type of carbohydrate foods you eat.

Separating the Good from the Bad For Pregnancy Diet Plan

Not all carbs are created equal. Simple carbohydrates provide a lot of calories and energy, but they don't offer much nutritional value. Examples of simple carbohydrates include white bread, white rice or pasta, refined cereals, biscuits, cake, junk food and sugars.

Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are packed with minerals, protein and fibre – all necessary for you and your baby. Vegetables; fruits; wholegrain breads, cereals and pasta; brown rice, dried beans and peas; and potatoes steamed or baked in their skins are all complex carbohydrates.

Benefits Complex Carbs In Pregnancy Diet Plan

There's no recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for complex carbohydrates in pregnancy. However, most nutritionists believe that they should make up about 60 per cent of your total daily calories.

Sixty per cent may sound like a lot, but consider these bonus health benefits for mums-to-be: The fibre in complex carbohydrates, such as fruits and vegetables, helps to ease any constipation that you might experience while pregnant. Some women find that carbs also help to decrease nausea in the first trimester.

Getting the best out of complex carbs with Pampers Pregnancy Diet Plan

You can squeeze the most nutrition out of carbohydrate foods by following these Pregnancy Diet Plan tips:

  • Eat vegetables and fruits that are fresh or frozen. They have a higher nutritional value than the tinned variety. Try munching on raw veggies and fruit every day as a snack. Read tips to maintain a balanced diet for you & your baby here.

  • When cooking vegetables, stir-fry, microwave or steam them lightly so they'll retain their vitamins and minerals.

  • Whenever possible, skip the rich sauces and butter on your vegetables. These high-fat toppings are filling and leave less room for more nutritious foods.

  • Swap to wholegrain whenever possible: bread, pasta, cereals…

Including healthy complex carbohydrates in pregnancy diet plan instead of refined simple ones will help you to keep your blood sugar levels down and maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.

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