8 Ways to Survive a Summer Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be physically challenging on a woman’s body for multiple reasons, but things can get especially tricky during the hot, summer months. With the heat and humidity at an all time high, the level of sweating and uncomfortableness certainly can reach the max level as your body starts to expand, especially if you are nearing the end of your term. But, mamas, there are a few ways you can get some much-needed relief! Read on to check out a few of our tips to survive a summer pregnancy.

1. Stay in Air Conditioning

Extreme heat can cause exhaustion, dehydration, and general uncomfortableness. Beat the heat, as much as possible, by taking refuge in the air conditioner. Of course, it’s not healthy to be stuck inside in the air conditioning all day, but taking as many breaks as possible is super important to you and your growing baby on a hot day.

2. Stay in the Shade

Being outside is also beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit. On the hot days of summer, you can still enjoy the outdoors but we sure to stay in the shade or cover up by wearing sun-protective clothing or take refuge by under an umbrella.

3. Stay Hydrated

No matter what the season is, you’ll need to drink tons of water during your pregnancy. You’ll likely need (and want!) even more water during the hotter months. If you get bored of it, add some lemons into the rotation, which will also provide you with a nice dose of Vitamin C while also providing you with a refreshing boost of flavor.

4. Stay Wet

One of the best things about the summer are all of the opportunities that you’ll have to enjoy the water. Take a dip in your local pool or beach, or even better, take a babymoon to a tropical vacation and really pamper yourself before your due date.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Maternity clothing have come a long way, and thankfully, this includes a diverse (and stylish!) range of options where you can stay true to your personal style while being comfortable. Some of my favorites include Hatch, Seraphine, Pink Blush, and H&M Mama where you’ll find a great range of spring/summer to suit your personal sense of style.

6. Stay Protected

The power of the sun is no joke, and when you’re pregnant you want to make sure that you’re covered up and protected. Use a safe sunscreen, wear a sun-safe maternity bathing suit, and a fun sun hat for extra protection.

7. Stay Healthy

Staying healthy and nourished is the name of the game when you’re expecting, but you want to make sure that you’re getting the best foods that are light and healthy. As you near the end of the pregnancy, you might feel big and ready but still need to stay health. Consider adding new smoothies to your morning routine. Some of my favorites include the Cucumber-Cantaloupe Cooler and the Pregnancy Smoothie from Weelicious.

8. Relax

Staying calm is also so important when you’re a mama-to-be. Consider taking a pre-natal yoga class, enjoying long walks around your city or town, or simply mediating in the morning. All of these can help you to stay cool, calm and collected during the warmer months.

It’s so important to feel comfortable when you’re pregnant. While this isn’t always easy during the summer, we hope these tips will help you to stay cool, hydrated, and comfy during this season. And, hey, when it gets really hot there’s nothing better than treating yourself and your baby-to-be to some ice cream!

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