Pampers® Premium-Care™ Pants for Newborns

Give your baby our best skin protection
*Independent survey with 411 doctors in India in May/June 2016

Wraps your baby in our softest comfort

B19_All-around Fit

All-around fit

Adapts to baby's movement for a comfortable fit

B1_Silky Softness

Silky Softness

Wraps your baby in silky soft materials

B2_Wetness Indicator

Wetness Indicator

Lets you know when your baby might need a change

Our best skin protection

B5_3 Absorbing Channels

3 Absorbing Channels

Helps distribute wetness evenly for tfor up to 12 hours


Baby Lotion

Helps prevent skin irritation


Breathable Materials

Let fresh air in and humid air out to allow skin to breathe

Easy changing
Easy to put on, tear-off and dispose

B16_All-around stretchy waistband

All-around stretchy waistband

They go on with just one pull, even when your baby is wriggling around

B17_Easy Removal

Easy removal

Simply tear the sides and roll up the pants!

B11_All-over fastening

Disposal Tape

After a change, fold the pants and seal with the tape for easy disposal

Pampers® Premium-Care™ Pants for Newborns