Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Pampers Baby World?
  • A:Pampers Baby World is a mobile app which serves as a companion to expecting parents & parents with babies for the happy & healthy development of their babies. On the app, you can win exciting prizes, read customized content & interact with other parents to get insights from their experience.

    App is available to download for free on iPhones & Android phones. The best part? Win 250 Pampers Points on creating an account & unlock exciting rewards.

  • Q: What can I do on the app?
  • A:From articles, tools, music, Q&A, quizzes, polls to exciting rewards, there's so much in store! We customize content such as articles & videos as per your parenthood journey & interests. We have built useful & fun tools to help track baby growth, vaccinations, find baby names, take cute baby photos & more. What's better is that you can win Pampers Points for your Pampers purchase & activity on the app to win FREE Diapers!

  • Q: What features are available for parents?
  • A:We built interactive & useful tools for all your parenting needs. Pregnancy Milestone tool helps track week-by-week development of baby in the womb & mom’s health. Mom Music tool hosts a variety of calming music & positivity promoting messages. Fun Photos tool lets moms capture their baby bump photos, edit it with stickers & text & share with their loved ones. Lastly, Baby Name Finder Tool suggests a wide range of names to choose from for your little one.

  • Q: What tools can be used for baby?
  • A:You will love our Baby tools such as Growth Tracker tool to help track monthly growth of the baby. Baby Music tool hosts a variety of lullabies, stories, rhymes & sleep inducing sounds. Fun Photos tool lets you capture adorable photos of your baby, edit it with stickers, add text & share with your loved ones. Vaccination Tracker tool is your go-to guide for vaccination lists & reminders. Baby Name Finder Tool suggests a wide range of names to choose from for your little one.

  • Q: How can I start earning rewards?
  • A:It’s easy & fun to earn Pampers reward points on Pampers Baby World. In Just 3 steps!
    1. Create an account on Pampers Baby World app for free
    2. Scan Pampers bills & participate in fun activities on the app to win points
    3. On earning points, you will complete levels & unlock rewards for each level

  • Q: Can I earn points by buying Pampers products?
  • A:Yes, of course! This is our way to thank you for trusting Pampers for your little one. Every time you buy a Pampers product online, you can earn 200 points, all you have to do is scan your bill which mentions the Pampers product details you bought & we will reward you points on validating the bill.

  • Q: How can I win rewards?
  • A:As you earn Pampers Points, you will be able to unlock different levels on the app – Newbie, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Levels. As you reach desired points for each level, you will be able to avail Exciting Rewards of that level such as Pampers Diapers & other baby care goodies.

  • Q: What are the rewards?
  • A:Pampers has a range of useful & special rewards for you & your little one. These rewards include big discounts on Pampers Premium Care, FREE Pampers Premium Care diapers & more. We have also put together limited edition exclusive rewards such as Pampers birthday party decor & baby photography sessions for the top reward levels. Stay tuned to see the latest rewards on the app.

  • Q: How long will it take for the delivery of my Pampers Rewards?
  • A:If you redeemed a reward through a website we directed you to with a redemption code, please check the website's delivery policy & your order details.

    For rewards where you shared your contact details with us, Delivery time would be between 2-4 weeks from date of receipt of delivery details unless shared otherwise.

  • Q: How do I scan Pampers Bills to get points?
  • A:To earn Pampers reward points by scanning Pampers bills, you can get started by first downloading the Pampers Baby World app available for free on your phone's app store. Next, you must create an account so that you can be eligible to earn pampers points.

    In the Rewards section, choose SCAN PAMPERS BILLS, here you can scan your bill by 3 methods - 1. Take a photo of the bill 2. Upload bill's photo from your gallery 3. Upload bill in .pdf format
    Once the bill is successfully scanned, let our system do the work & in less than 24 hours, you will earn your Pampers points for correct bills.

    Please note only bills with at least 1 Pampers product will be eligible. These bills can be from following stores