Activities for your 6-month-old

Research shows that babies do best in a moderately stimulating environment.  A safe environment that encourages them to reach for objects of different textures, shapes or sounds and manage the in-flow of new information.

Sensory stimulation activities

  • Peek-a-boo, nursery rhymes and puppets are all games that will stimulate your baby's senses.

  • Try experimenting with different textures using scarves and other fabrics that you have around the house.

  • If your baby is crawling, designate a cupboard in the kitchen that's safe for him to explore. You'll be amazed to see the joy he can get out of a few pots and a wooden spoon. (Be sure to play it safe by keeping the rest of the cupboards secured).

Keep it interesting

  • Rotate his toys so that there are just a few in front of him at any given time

  • Make sure that he gets a little quiet time on his own to experiment with each new thing and discover what's special about it.

  • Let him work a little bit to reach the toy, work it out and then share it with you, you'll give him a chance to experience the joy of doing it himself. That sense of mastery will fuel his desire to keep exploring.

Enjoy these special moments, watching your baby learn and discover is a fascinating time. And remember, it's important that babies should always be under observation for safety when exploring.

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