Travelling with kids: tips for baby travel

To get the most from family travel, let your baby set the agenda and the pace. Here are some tips to get you started

Feeding your baby

  • If you're nursing, your baby's all set.

  • Bring extra water for yourself, since travelling and nursing can leave you parched.

  • If you're formula feeding, use bottled water to mix formula – or better still, pay a little more for the convenience of ready-to-feed formula.

Keeping clean and healthy

  • Baby wipes are essential on trips. They're great not only for nappy changes but also to clean everyone's hands, which reduces the risk of passing along infections.

  • Before and after nappy changes in a public place, be sure to wipe off the changing area.

  • Enjoy all the gushes and admiration that your baby inspires, but do your best to keep her away from people with colds or other infections, as well as from those who are smoking.

Resting and sleeping

  • Have your baby sleep in her portable bed for a few nights (or a few naps) before you leave so she can get used to it before you go on the road.

  • Plan lots of down time and rest periods for you and your baby.

Going boating?

  • Infants shouldn't go out on the water.

  • If you're planning on boating with an older child, bring a life jacket that you know fits – don't count on finding the right size when you get to your destination.

Travelling with a baby can be easier than you think – prepare in advance, keep an open mind and remember to respect your baby's needs. Let your baby set the pace!

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