Bathroom safety for children

The bathroom is a hub of activity for families with small children. Whether it's splash-time or a potty-training session, here's how to keep your little one out of harm's way.

1. Keep an eye on the bath

Stay in the bathroom with your child during bath time. Be sure to empty the bath when bath time is over. Pack away scrub buckets.

2. Get organised

Keep a basket with all the bath essentials near the bath. Line up your supplies beforehand so you won't need to leave the room.

3. Test the water

Dip your hand into the water before placing your child in the bath. For extra protection against scalding, turn your hot-water heater temperature down to 48 °C.

4. Prevent slipping

Apply anti-skid strips to the bottom of the bath. Place a cushioned cover (a flannel will work) over the tap to avoid injuries if your child bumps it, especially with her head.

5. Install a toilet lid lock

Get them into the habit of keeping all toilet seat lids down and locked.

6. Keep medication and cosmetics out of reach

If you keep medicines and cosmetics in the bathroom, store them in a locked cabinet, out of reach.

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