How to Protect a Premature Baby’s Skin from Diaper Rash

The human skin is the largest organ in our body. It has up to seven layers of tissues and guards that protects our muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. But, when a baby is born prematurely, which means, before 37 weeks of gestation, this organ isn't fully developed to do its job. The skin on your baby may appear red, translucent, and extremely sensitive.

Besides being thin and permeable, a premature baby's skin may find it difficult to fight off diseases and toxins. It gets even tough for the baby to maintain a body temperature that is required to survive. In this case, parents have to be extra careful and make sure to protect their newborn's skin from any diaper rash. To help you further, we have compiled a few tips that will assist you with premature baby care:

1. Keep the diaper area clean:

It is important to not let the moisture sit on your baby's skin for a long period of time. This may cause overgrowth of yeast and a bumpy rash. So, make sure to clean your baby's diaper area regularly and thoroughly, especially after a bowel movement.

2. Maintain hygiene:

It is vital to keep your baby clean at all times. Ensure you give your baby regular baths, and clean them with lukewarm water. This will prevent diaper rash and keep your baby's skin healthy.

3. Use a rash cream regularly:

Right from basic to heavily medicated ones, you will find a ton of protectant creams available in the market. However, go for the one that your doctor prescribes for your premature baby. Make sure to never choose adult medication for your newborn, as their skin is far more sensitive and delicate.

4. Try wet wipes:

After washing up your baby thoroughly, use clean baby wet wipes from a brand that you trust. This will help you clean the baby's bottom more gently and safely than a towel or cloth and prevent rash. These wipes are mild and enriched with moisturising ingredients that helps in keeping your baby's skin soft and rash-free.

5. Don't over tighten diapers:

Tightening diapers will cause redness and itchiness too. As the skin of a premature baby is very sensitive, it can cause further damage. Thus, it is better to keep the diaper loose. This will allow some air to pass though and keep the area dry.

6. Change the diapers often:

Remember to change your baby's diaper regularly, even if it hasn't been used. This is because diapers absorb sweat and cause irritation. Premature baby skin care involves a lot of patience and knowledge. The more you learn, the better it is for your baby.

7. Use the right size and right shape:

The usual diapers available in the market may not fit your baby perfectly. Therefore, order or buy from stores that sell premature baby diapers. These are designed especially for premature babies and are bound to fit them better.

Baby Diaper Change

Diaper rash, or other skin related problems, is a very common issue in preemies. However, parents should always consult a doctor and make sure to read and learn all that they can about premature baby care to avoid any kind of complication in the future. Besides, it helps to use high quality products like the Pampers Preemie Protection Diapers, which is designed to protect your baby's soft skin while also being comfortable and allowing them to sleep soundly. Pamper Preemie Diapers are available at most of the maternity hospitals.