How to change Baby Diapers

Diaper changing is as much a part of parenting as feeding, even though it can sometimes be challenging at first. With a good knowledge of the nappy-changing basics, you'll be able to keep your baby dry, comfortable and ready to learn, sleep or play.

  • Step 1 – Remove The Diaper & Clean Using Wipes

Remove the used diaper and clean between the folds of baby's skin with gentle baby wipes, such as Pampers Sensitive Wipes. Remember to always wipe front to back.

  • Step 2 – Slide The Clean Diaper

Raise baby carefully by the ankles and slide a clean diaper underneath. Know how to use Pampers Baby Dry diapers pants. The colourful markings should be on the front, facing you.

  • Step 3 – Close The Nappy

Close the nappy and adjust the stretchy tabs so it isn't too tight or too loose, you should be able to fit two fingers snugly between the nappy and their stomach.

Top Tips:

  • Tip 1:

Your baby's first poo will be a thick, greenish, almost tar-like substance called meconium. It can be tough to clean, but gentle baby wipes will help do the trick.

  • Tip 2:

Remember it's important to check your baby's diaper frequently, change after every poo, and after every nap or feed.

  • Tip 3:

Cover your baby boy's penis with a nappy or muslin while changing him to prevent getting a surprise shower yourself.

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