Diaper Bag Checklist – Baby Bag Essentials

Ask any parent out there and they will reiterate just how important diaper bags are! Not just having a diaper bag, but having a comprehensive and exhaustive newborn baby bag checklist is absolutely crucial to tackle just about everything and save the day.

When venturing out with your newborn, a diaper bag serves more than just one purpose. It carries a remedy for every necessity that may arise, and is every parents’ best companion, the proverbial friend-in-need that we have always heard of.

Going out with a newborn or a toddler in tow is no easy responsibility. It can be messy, complicated and cumbersome but with a well-put together diaper bag, it is always you that will prevail.

Let us help you devise the most elaborately combined diaper bag checklist and never be caught unprepared no matter the situation. This is all you will need for the ultimate baby bag essentials kit for your precious baby.


Of course diapers are a no-brainer when it comes to your ‘Diaper Bag Essentials’. Although considering the possibility of diaper related emergencies, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to always have a few extra at hand.

Pampers New Baby Diapers

When it comes to emergencies, the rule of thumb you must always follow for your Diaper Bag Checklist is always keep one diaper at hand for every two hours you’re going to be out.

For short excursions and trips that won’t last more than a couple of hours, your diaper bag essentials kit must have at least 3 diapers in case there are emergencies.

Portable Changing Pad

Sure most parents end up using a soft piece of cloth, or a plush baby towel as a changing pad, but it is never a bad idea to invest in a quality portable changing pad for your travel diaper bag essentials.

Diaper Changing Pad

The most important role of a changing pad is not the comfort it offers, but the role it serves as a necessary barrier it serves between your beloved and any surface you may use for the purpose of changing their diaper. Read more about how to change your baby’s diaper pant.

Baby Wipes

They will always be the answer to the question ‘What to put in a diaper bag’, and believe us when we say they are a new mother’s best friend. No matter the task at hand, baby wipes can always be there to the rescue for you.

Baby Wipes Uses

Changing your baby’s diaper, wiping off their face during feeding, cleaning up a little baby vomit or spit up and a whole list of instances that require sanitation.

Baby wipes are not only necessary for your infant as they also help you stay clean, and not to mention the importance of disinfecting any surface you may put the baby down on for diaper changes. Read more about how diaper rash can be prevented using baby wipes.

Pampers Baby Wipes

Your diaper bag essentials kit must always include a sufficient supply of baby wipes as disasters might only be a poop or vomit away. For longer trips you can always carry an extra pack since it is always better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

Baby Cream & Baby Powder

Babies have sensitive skin, and no matter how vigilant a parent you are, diaper rashes are never too far away sometimes. During short trips, you may be fine if you choose not to carry a travel sized tube or bottle of baby cream, but for longer outings, you will find they are necessary. The same parameters apply to a bottle of baby powder.

Since these are only for emergencies, you can always get away with having a travel/sample sized container.

Trash Bags

So you have cleaned the baby up and changed their diaper, but you don’t see any trash cans around you; that’s a moment you wish you had a few trash bags at your disposal.

Trash bags are an often overlooked component of diaper bag essentials but you will soon find that they are a lifesaver.

Since tossing a soiled diaper out in the open is not the most responsible thing to do, a couple of small sized trash bags will make sure you are always prepared.


Infants do tend to get a bit fussy when they aren’t within the confines of their comfortable homes, and the pacifier is just what you need in these moments.

If you choose to use pacifiers, they must be a part of your diaper bag checklist as you may not know when you will end needing one. With pacifiers, it is essential to store them in a clean, dry bag or container. You can also store a pacifier with any emergency feeding bottle nipples you carry (which is also a good idea).

Baby Food

This can be excluded if you’re creating a newborn diaper bag checklist, but for parents that are in the process of weaning, baby food is a must for excursions and trips.

Small packs of baby food are a blessing when traveling, and make things a lot easier for parents which makes it an integral part of the diaper bag essentials kit.

Regardless of the weather, babies might feel nippy in air-conditioned automobiles, restaurants or other places, or even thanks to a chilly breeze. Having a soft blanket to comfort them during situations like these is always a good idea.

These are all the necessary items that should form a part of your diaper bag checklist. You can even print these items out and create a list to go through every time you step outside with your baby in order to make sure you never forget a thing.

Now as important is the ‘What to put in a diaper bag?’ question, the next one is equally important! Your baby bag essentials are only as important as the baby bag itself, and if you have any questions or doubts regarding the right fit for your needs, look no further.

What are the different types of Diaper Bags?

There are a number of special diaper bags in the market created especially to serve a single purpose – To make the parents’ lives easier. Although you can use/reuse just about any bags lying around the house.

1. Backpack

A backpack makes for a sufficient carrier for all the items in your newborn diaper bag checklist. You can repurpose any backpack at home into a diaper bag, and if you have one with lots of compartments, that’s even better.

Backpacks are easy to carry, and allow your hands to be free for other activities such as holding your baby, or just to enjoy the sweet freedom of not having to hold anything for a while. It all depends on the kind of parent you are; if you go out with your baby in a stroller, you need your hands to be free for a string of activities such as controlling the stroller.

2. Tote Bags

If the word that describes the kind of parent you are the best is ‘prepared’, then this is the perfect bag for you. Tote bags are larger, can fit more stuff in them due to the larger compartments and can be carried on either shoulder.

For parents with toddlers, these tote bags make for an ideal diaper bag since it can also help carry additional supplies such as snacks, sippy cups and toys. Tote bags can be fashionable yet pragmatic choice for parents.

3. Special Diaper Bags

When it comes to parents for whom nothing cuts it but the best, there are diaper bags in the market that serve the specific purpose for which they were created. These diaper bags have a number of compartments specially created to hold all the necessary items that are a part of your diaper bag essentials kit.

Diaper Bag Packing Tips

When packing a diaper bag, a lot depends on three important factors that you must always keep in mind.

1. How old is your baby?

For newborn babies, your diaper bag can be lighter since they rely on breastfeeding for nourishment. That allows you to pack your diaper bag with fewer things and eliminate feeding bottles, baby formula packets and a sippy cup. If you are packing for a toddler, you will need all of those things. Track your baby’s growth with the help of our baby growth chart.

2. How long will you be out?

The duration for which you will be out with your baby plays a crucial part when it comes to packing your diaper bag. Depending on the amount of time you shall be out, in transit or recreationally, you will need to increase the number of diapers you pack.

As we previously specified, you need to pack one diaper for every two hours you will be outside and carry an extra diaper in case of emergencies.

3. Where will you be going?

Is it a trip to the restaurant? A picnic at the park? A family dinner at a relative’s place? A car journey? A train journey? These are all important questions to consider before packing your diaper bag as it may drastically alter your diaper bag checklist. Read more about travelling with babies.

If you’re headed to a relative’s place, you may not need to carry a diaper changing pad. If you’re going on a journey to someplace and may be inside a vehicle for a while, you might want to carry some more diapers, baby wipes and powder.

It also depends on the age of your baby and their habits you may be the best judge of.

Ultimately these are the three most important tips you must consider when making your diaper bag checklist. Also read about what all should be in baby first aid kit.

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