Dhanu Rashi Baby Names

Children born under Dhanu Rashi are intelligent, motivated, wealthy and lucky. They’re known for their positive outlook on life, are usually very enterprising and logical leaders. The best baby names for children born at this time starts with ‘f’, ‘bh’, or ‘dh’. If you’re not too sure about the kind of names you can select for your baby, take a look at our Dhanu Rashi baby girl name list to see the unique baby name meanings of some most popular baby names.

50 Common Dhanu Rashi Baby Boy Names

Sr. No. Dhanu Rashi Baby Boy Name Suggested Meaning
1. Dhruv Steady and firm
2. Bhuvan This popular Dhanu Rashi baby boy name means intelligent
3. Dhirendra God of courage
4. Dhairya Patient and courageous
5. Dhilan Son of the waves
6. Bhadresh Lord of nobles
7. Dhiren Gentle and wise
8. Dhrishay Bold and courageous
9. Dhanesh Lord of wealth
10. Dhrushil Charming
11. Bhupen King
12. Dhwanil Sound of the wind
13. Bhagat Disciple or devotee
14. Dharmik Benevolent
15. Fanishwar Lord of serpents
16. Fravash Guardian angel
17. Dhrupad Firm-footed
18. Bharadwaj Lucky bird
19. Bhagesh Lord of riches
20. Falgun Another name for Lord Arjun
21. Dhawal Pure
22. Dharvesh Lord of truth
23. Dhruvtej Steadfast and firm
24. Bhavin A winner
25. Dhaivat A musical note
26. Bhaavik Pious and righteous
27. Dhanpal Preserver of wealth
28. Bhoomit Friend of the land
29. Dhananjay Wealthy
30. Bhavyesh Another name for Lord Shiva
31. Bheem Mighty one
32. Bhavay Excellent
33. Darshan Visionary
34. Bhagyam Incredibly lucky
35. Dhruvin Great person
36. Bharat Universal monarch
37. Bhupender King of kings
38. Dhanush Warrior, with a bow in hand
39. Fravash Guardian angel
40. Dhivakar Sun
41. Bholenath Kind-hearted
42. Dharmendra God of religion
43. Dheeraj Patient
44. Bhautik Radiant
45. Dharamveer Protector of religion
46. Bharghav A good archer
47. Dhyutidhara Lord of brilliance
48. Dhyanadeep Icon of concentration
49. Dharendra Ruler of earth
50. Bhudev God of the earth


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50 Common Dhanu Rashi Baby Girl Names

Sr. No. Dhanu Rashi Baby Girl Name Meaning
1. Dhwani Sound from heaven
2. Bhuvi Meaning, heaven. This name features on every Dhanu Rashi baby girl name list
3. Bhavana Affectionate
4. Dhansika Rich
5. Dhivi Divine
6. Bhumika Earth
7. Bharati Another name for Goddess Saraswati. This is a very popular Dhanu Rashi baby girl name
8. Bhakti Devoted or dedicated
9. Dheemahi Full of wisdom
10. Dhrishti Sight
11. Bhuvaneshwari Goddess of the world
12. Dhruvika Firm and steadfast
13. Falguni Beautiful
14. Bhavika Cheerful and happy
15. Bhargavi Beautiful
16. Bhaavini Most beautiful
17. Bhagyalakshmi Goddess of wealth
18. Bhanuja Of the sun
19. Bhanumati Popular, beautiful
20. Dhaarini Protective
21. Dhakshita Skilled
22. Dhamini Self-controlled
23. Dhaneshi Knowledgeable
24. Dhanishta One of the most unique baby names, it means star
25. Dhanusha Genuine
26. Bhavita Oracle
27. Dhanyashree Blessed and thankful
28. Dharahasi Always smiling
29. Bhoodevi Goddess of the earth
30. Dhanushka Wealthy
31. Dhea Kind
32. Dhivya Divine, charming
33. Bhuva Of the elements
34. Dhriya Patient
35. Fenna Guardian of peace
36. Dharika Youthful
37. Foolan Blossoming
38. Fulki Spark
39. Freya Noble
40. Dhruva Constant
41. Bhupali Musical
42. Dheeti Full of ideas
43. Dhyeya Aim
44. Bhagini Lord Indra’s sister
45. Dhyuthi Glowing
46. Bhanuni Charming
47. Dhanasvi Fortune
48. Bhavyasri Splendid
49. Dhrasika Goddess
50. Bhadrika Worthy

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