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Even before this transition takes place, one thing that can get couples super excited is the chance to pick a baby name for their newborn. While it is fun to pick a modern name for your infant, it is very important to understand the significance behind the word you choose. This is because a name has the power to impact your child’s personality. For this reason, many people take several things into consideration like stars of the child, ancestors’ names and even deities they worship.

So, if you are about to embark on the journey of parenthood and still haven’t been able to pick a unique name, here’s a list of Hindu baby names that can prove to be super helpful:

25 Popular Hindu Names For Baby Boy

Sr. No. Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning
1. Aahan First ray of light, dawn, sunrise
2. Parth Ruler, star
3. Aakil Intelligent, smart
4. Kiaan Ancient or king
5. Mahir Expert
6. Nadin Lord of rivers
7. Onir One of the most beautiful Hindu baby boy names, meaning shining
8. Viaan It falls in the category of modern Hindu baby boy names and literally means – full of life and energy
9. Ivan It means leader, royal or regal
10. Reyansh It literally stands for ‘ray of light’
11. Aryan It is one of the most popular Hindu baby boy names, which means noble
12. Ishaan This again, is one of the most popular Hindu baby boy names. It is another name for Lord Shiva, and means ‘the sun’ and ‘harbinger of wealth’
13. Ridhaan Ridhaan means searcher.
14. Daksh Precious son.
15. Simar Meaning ‘God’s favourite’
16. Adwait The word itself means unique, making this one of the most unique Hindu baby boy names
17. Yash Fame
18. Zian Self-peace
19. Dhvan Humming
20. Nehal Handsome
21. Aahir Dazzling
22. Vihan Dawn
23. Laksh Destination
24. Rahi Traveller
25. Neel Another name for Shiva, it also means passionate


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25 Popular Hindu Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Sr. No. Hindu Baby Girl Names Meaning
1. Aadhya The beginning, another name for Goddess Durga
2. Disha It means direction
3. Jahnavi It has slowly become one of the most popular Hindu baby girl names. It is another name for the River Ganga
4. Kajal Meaning kohl. The word is associated with talent and beauty
5. Mihik Mist
6. Alisha Noble
7. Oviya Artist
8. Ruhi It is one of the most beautiful and popular Hindu baby girl names, meaning soul
9. Salena It beautifully translates to ‘the moon’
10. Zaina Beautiful
11. Kiara Dusky beauty, dark haired
12. Aalia Excellent, the highest social standing
13. Pari Angel
14. Sahana Queen
15. Avni The earth
16. Aria A piece of music sung in an opera
17. Nisha Night
18. Suhana Beautiful
19. Amaya Immeasurable
20. Ahana Immortal, inner light
21. Myra Beloved
22. Miksha A gift of love
23. Eshita One who desires
24. Tiya A bird
25. Mahika Dew drops

So go ahead, pick a beautiful name from this list of modern Hindu baby boy names for your little nugget or a pretty baby girl name for your princess, and give your child a name they will grow up to love. You can also browse through top 100 popular Indian baby names for some quirky suggestions. If you still looking for baby names you can use our baby name generator. Also, take a look at our list of cool unisex baby names for your little one.

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