50 Best Punjabi Baby Names of 2021 with Meanings!

Congratulations, to-be-mom and to-be-dad! You will soon reach the final stretch of this beautiful journey of pregnancy. As the new member arrives, you two will get caught up in making the most adorable memories. So, before that, it is time to start looking for an ideal baby name if you haven’t thought of one yet. The baby’s naming ceremony, or ‘Naamkaran’ as you call it in Punjabi, is around the corner, and soon there’ll be the hurly-burly of preparations. If you haven’t decided on an alphabet yet, that’s your first step. You can then involve the rest of the family in the name-hunt mission – after all, it is a team effort! Everyone will share their ideas of Punjabi baby names that might leave you in a dilemma about the name to choose. You can start by shortlisting the names you like, take your time to finalize a pretty one, as, in the end, it’s going to be your decision. We understand if the process becomes a little overwhelming. Worry not; we’re here to guide you with these simple tips:

  • Decide on whether you want it to be a modern or traditional Punjabi baby name

  • Make sure the baby name isn’t too long when you combine it with your last name

  • You can also choose a girl name or a boy name with a meaning close to your heart

  • You can also create a Punjabi boy name or a Punjabi girl name using the name blending technique

  • You and your partner should be happy with the Punjabi baby girl name/Punjabi baby boy name that you all have chosen

  • Your baby’s adulthood should not be impacted by the name you have chosen

Now that you know the basics of name hunting, you can go through our specially curated list of 50 Punjabi baby names. This list also features the meanings of the names to help you choose faster.

25 Best Punjabi Baby Girl Names and their meanings:

AagyaRefers to an obedient daughter or a polite lady
BijulRefers to a lightning flash
ChayanpreetThe one who is enchanted by the presence of the moon
DivjyotThe one who spreads heavenly light
EkkamThe one who harnesses the strength of unity
FaalDenotes an oracle fruit
GriyashiRefers to the beauty and divinity of a female
HarveenThe one with a loving nature
IkantikaThe one born with a singular focus in life
JaanasiThe one who has been sent to earth from paradise
KatrianaThe one who is pure and divine
LeshyaThe one who is royal and blessed with God's illumination
MayukhiThe one who is as captivating as a peacock
NihaaraRefers to the unseen beauty of the morning mist
OopajaiDenotes dwelling or residence
PanayaThe one who honours and applauds the family
RewaThe one who speeds in life without hurdles
ShirinaDenotes a dark and peaceful night
TavleenThe one who is captivated by God
UpneetThe one who is close to the heart
VihariThe beloved devotee of Lord Krishna
WeenaDenotes a musical instrument
YakeenDenotes trust and belief
YugneetThe one who is forged by the divine fire
ZheelRefers to a river


25 Best Punjabi Baby Boy Names and their meanings:

ArshbirThe one who dominates the sky
BirjotThe one who is courageous
ChehzaadRefers to a prince; the one who is a leading light
DarshpreetThe one who has immense love for Lord Krishna
EkjeetRefers to a champion; the only triumphant
FatehjeetThe one who is a victorious conqueror
GyanjyotRefers to the divine light of knowledge
HarneetThe one who is eternal and beautiful
IshitThe one who wants to rule
JagatRefers to the world or universe
KananRefers to a jungle or forest
LivtarThe one with unending love and devotion for God
MaanasRefers to human
NavrajDenotes something that is new or novel
OjasThe one who is full of brilliance, light and strength
PahalSignifies the beginning
RaunaqThe one who lives in splendour
ShamanThe one who is aware
TaranThe one who is the saviour; refers to heaven
UddamDenotes hard work and effort
VishalpreetThe one with immense love
WisahDenotes trust and faith
XamakDenotes twinkle, shimmer
YashjeetThe one who achieves glorious victory
ZhamakDenotes twinkle, shimmer


Yay! You successfully went through a long list, and we hope you have shortlisted some of the best baby names. If you are still looking out for more options, do check out our Baby Name Generator tool. Happy Naamkaran! You can also check out our list of top 100 popular Indian baby names here or unisex baby names for your little one. Alternatively, you can check out our suggestions for Baby Girl Names of 2021 and Baby Boy Names of 2021! For cute baby nicknames, do check out our list of 50 cute baby nicknames to find the special name that would just be for you and your loved ones. Apart from the wide range of Baby Names articles, we also have some useful tools/checklist at your disposal; do check them out below: Pregnancy due date calculator to get an estimation of your baby’s due date & visit our Hospital bag checklist page so that you are prepared for your baby’s arrival.

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