Baby Names Starting From ‘B’

The beautiful journey of 40 weeks is in its final stretch. You are in the last few weeks of your third trimester and the countdown to hold your baby in your arms has begun. The first time your baby opens its eyes, you are surely going to fall in love with her. It is love at first sight! One of the first few things you will be doing for your baby is finding her a perfect name. The final few weeks of your pregnancy is the perfect time to start hunting for baby names for your little one.

While choosing from a plethora of baby names, it is advisable that your partner and you decide on an alphabet first. After much discussion, say you’ve both chosen the alphabet ‘B’. You will soon be on the lookout for names starting with B. The process of choosing a name with B for your baby requires a team effort. So naturally not just you two parents but even your families can get involved in this bonding exercise to choose the perfect name for your little one. People in your circle will pitch in with their ideas for baby names and try to help you out. But in the end, the decision is yours. It is important that you choose a name that you resonate with and absolutely adore. Whether you opt for a modern name for your baby or a more traditional one, it is important to take your time. The name you give your baby is going to stay with her forever. The process of naming your little one can be a little scary at first, but equally exciting. But don’t worry, we are here guide you through this name-finding mission, and help you find the perfect name for your little one.

Here is a list of B names for girls and boys, which can be your starting point while choosing a name. The list comes with meanings, to help you choose faster. Keep on reading to find a name that you will fall in love with for your little one.

Baby Girl Names with B and their meanings:

BaaniDestroyer Of Enemies
BabitaA Spiritual Leader
BadiyahName of a mosque
BaghyawatiWhose Fame Is Like Sun
BaharThe fragrance of a flower from an orange tree
BahugandhaGifted, Donated, Given Away
BahuliyaOne Who Is Noble And Honored
BahuraiOne Who Is Noble And Honored
BaileyA beautiful melody
BailiResembling silver / one who is holy
BailieResembling silver / one who is holy
BaillieA lion of god
BailyA lion of god
BakulaDawn, Red Cow
BandhuraLord Of The Rings
BaniGoddess Saraswati
BankeName Of A Nakshatra
BarsaatName Of A Star, 1st Nakshatra
BarshaA Great Sage , Brother Of Brihaspati
BartleyWhich means ash tree meadow
BasantiThe Moon
BasbasMountain gazelle
BelaThe Ancient Sanskrit Word Astika Means 'Faithful, Believing Or Having Faith In God'.
BenishaFrom The Sun
BernadetteNoble strength
Bhagirathi Ganga River
BhagyalakshmiGoddess Of Wealth
Bhagyashri Soundness Of Mind
BhagyasriGoddess Durga , Narmada River
BhairaviSuper Man
BhaminiThe Self
BharatiWho Beholds
Bharati One Who Walks A Straight Line
BharaviMaster Of The Earth
BhavanaA Good Woman
BhavnaLimitless Space
BhumiName Of Arjun’s Wife
BhumikaMolecule, Particle, Earth
BhuvanaName Of A Indian Music Raaga.
BianncaFather of dew
BidishaHorse Rider
BillyBird / from the water
BinaLord Krishna
BindiyaYoung Girl, Ear- Ring
BinduYoung Sun
BindyaWife Of Balarama, 27Th Nakshatra
BinitaThe Sanskrit Origin Name Means 'First Ray Of Sunlight'.
BirdieSource of life
BismaShe was the wife of the Farao in Moesa's time. She turned Muslim and died a Shaheed because she refused to obey her husband and say that he (farao) was her God
BithiahBeautiful blossom
BlancaWife of the prophet
BlessyOak tree
BlissFrom the oak tree
BobSpared by jehovah
BostanA place filled with fragrance, garden. Also the name of a book by Sheikh Saadi.
BraedonMan of the world
BrannonPolish daughter of god, stranger
BrendaBee cottage
BrennaPretty or very beautiful
BrenttonA combination of bertha & lynn
BrittanieOne who is illustrious
BrittannyOne who is famously bright and beautiful
BrittenyBright or shining
BrittianyBright settlement or fortified town
BrittiniDazzling jewel
BrittinyFrom the name elizabeth bessie - consecrated to god
BrittnayHouse of god
BrittneeFrom the house of figs
BrittneyA combination of beth & ann
BrittniFrom the house of figs
BrittnieHouse of figs
BrittnyHouse of mercy
BrittonyConsecrated to god
BritttanyConsecrated to god betty - consecrated to god
BrodieBeaver field
BrodyOne who surpasses others
BromleyUsed by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays
BryttaniHappy or cheerful
BuhayyahPure, original
BukkaOne Who Is Musical


Baby Boy Names with B and their meanings:

BaahirHoly, pure
BaalaarkThe Name Means 'Beautiful' In Sanskrit.
BaasimWise, Intelligent
BabulBeyond Criticism Or Praiseworthy Or Perfect Or Innocent Or Handsome Or Irreproachable 
BabulalDawn, White Cow
BabyRushing stream
BadalOffering To The Sun
BadrickEagle and wolf
BadrinathGoddess Saraswati, Speech
BadriyahWho looks after someone or takes care
Bahriyah al-AabidahMerciful
BahumanyaOne Who Is Noble And Honored
BailTo sing
BaileighResembling a lion or an eagle
BailleyRuler of all
BajrangSun God
BakhtawarA brave soldier
BalachandraRed Glow Of Dawn
BalagopalThe Name Arush Has Its Origin In India And Means ‘First Ray Of Sun’.
BalagovindFirst Ray Of Sunlight
BalajiOne Of The Moon’s Horses
BalarajOne Who Is Noble And Honored
BalaramKing Of Warriors
BalashankarYoung Lord Shiva
BalavanOne Who Is Noble And Honored
BalbeerThe Sun
BalbirStrong Man Or Powerful
BaldevA Bird Enamored Of The Moon
BalgopalName Of A Raaga In Our Indian Music
BalgovindLimitless shank = Faith
BalrajCrescent Moon
BalramLord Krishna's brother
BalvantRay Of Hope
BalveerCreeper Of Hope
BalvinderKamdev ( Cupid )
BaneetTo Embrace
BanjeetLight Of The Sun
BankebihariWithout Sorrow
BankimSmiling Like A Moon
BankimchandraOne Who Gives Refuge To Others
BannerA friend to everyone
BanshiSanthoshi Mata
BansiName Of Buddhist Philosopher
BansilalGeneration Tree
BanujahLoving to her husband
BanwariBanyan Tree
BaqirAngel of paradise
BarakahPen, Speckled snake or
BareerahThe one who was sent
BaridSon Of Dronacharya
BarindraGoddess Name
BarkatDominion , Crown
BarkhaHindu Month
BarrHandsome, well proportioned
BarzahLoving (to husband)
BasaariaFertile, bountiful
BasantYamuna ( Jamuna ) River
BasdevA Star
BashaarWish, hope, love
BasheeraFourth Prayer of the day
BashirahColoured animal, huge flood, dyer
BasilPure (as water)
BasimahProtector, guardian
BasirThe morning's light
BeckettA crown
BenShort form of Benjamin which is from the Hebrew Binyamin meaning "son of my right hand" or "favourite son". Can also be a short form of Benedict.
BenazirLover, Love
BenjaminFrom the Hebrew Binyamin meaning "son of my right hand" or "favourite son". Jamin or Yamim can also mean "of the south" or "year" or so Benjamin could also mean "son of the south" or "son of my old age".
BenjamminElfin king
BernardFrom the old German ber or meaning "bear" and hard or meaning "brave" or "strong".
BertramOne who is venerable or majestic
BhadrakA Little Mare
BhadrashreeThe Holy Trinity
BhagatA Blue Flower
BhageshAtharv Is A Vedic Text Of Sanskrit Origin Meaning 'Knowledge'. In Other Words, Atharv-Veda Is Also The Name Given To The Vedas Of The Knowledge Of God Or Rishi.
BhagirathName Of Ganesh or The First Vedas
BhagwantKnower Of The Arthara Vedas
BhagyarajThe Sanskrit Origin Name Ati Means 'Extremely Or Exceedingly', 'At The Top'.
BhairavLord Of Terror Or Lord Shiva
BhalenduLight Of Soul
BhanudasBlissful Soul
BhanujaGreat Warrior
BhanumitraName Of A River
BharadwajGrandson Of Rishi Bhrigu
BharatKing Dasaratha
BhargavKing Of The Earth
BhargavaGod Of The Earth
BhargavanUjjain City In India
BhaswarThe Sun And Air
BhaveethContinuous, Ongoing
BhaveshBeautiful, Picture- Like
BhavinEarth, River
BhawanidasHoly Incarnation
BheemaThe Name Means 'All Protector' 'Fully Content' In Sanskrit.
BheemsenThe Name Is Of Sanskrit Origin Meaning 'One Who Sees The Apparent World Crystal Clear'.
BheeshamCrystal Clear, Lord Krishna
BheruCrystal Clear
BhimMighty Or Huge
BhishmaSupreme Spirit
BhoopendraBlessed With Long Life
BhooshanOne Who Has A Long Life
BhoumikThe Rising Sun
BhudevGoddess Saraswati
BhupinderMolecule, Earth, Parshurams Mother
BhuvaneshwarOne With Lot Of Scent, Bud Of Champa Flower
BhuveshCow, Kritika Nakshatra
BijalBorn Of Danu , A Danava
BijeshWith Great Riches
BijoyVishnu’s Ansh
BilalCorrect path, Straight path
BillSpring, renewal
BilvaBhagawan Shiva’s Name
BimalBeautiful Morning Or A Star
BimbisaarA Kind Of Tree
BindusarYoung Moon
BinkySource of life or small oak / axe / peace
BinneyDivine reward
BinodName Of A Famous Poet-Saint
BinoyA Prosperous Woman
BipinYoung Moon
BipulPossessed Of Good Fortune
BirInfant Krishna
BirajName Of Lord Ganesha
BirbalInfant Krishna
BirchSource of life or small oak / axe / peace
BirenLord Vishnu
BirendraYoung Krishna
BirinderYoung Jewel
BirjuOne Who Is Attractive
BirtleSource of life or small oak / axe / peace
BishanDelightful To Look At
BishopGazelle, goat
BlaineA fiery young man
BlazeHeir to a fortune
BlytheNoble friends
BobbieVariation: araria
BondThe cherished one
BonnieGod is my helper
BosleyAxe ruler
BradleyOne of the three wise men
BradynnGod's love
BraedanRemembering god
BraedynA ruler ; the firstborn son
BraelynnBarley valley
BrahmaanandBrother Of Krishna
BraidenSon of consolation
BrainardBearer son of Barnett
BrajYoung Moon
BrajamohanBaby Krishna
BrajraajBrother Of Lord Krishna
BramhaghoshOf Immense Strength
BramwellBaron's home
BrandanNobleman, baron
BrandenGrain farm
BrandinThe son of the farmer
BrandoSon of tolmai
Brandonhill covered with broom
BrandonnHill, furrow
BrandyBarley meadow
BrandynBarley farm or bart's town. the epon..
BranndonThe son of the farmer
BransenLittle person
BrantDaughter of the oath
BrendynBell ringer
BrenndaSon of my right
BrenndenSon of the south or son of the right hand
BrentenBen's son, excellent son
BrentleyMoor or coarse grass meadow
BrentonBen's town or town on the moors
BrenttVictory bringer
Bretta native of Britain
BrijeshLord Of World
BrijkishorLord Krishna
BrittaneeFrom Shakespeare’s play hamlet
BrittaniBerry or grape
BrittinBright raven.
BrocConsecrated to god
BrodderickLike the wind
BrodrickOne who surpasses others
BronsonUsed by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays
BrookStrong willed
BrooksWhite or shining or birch tree
Brucethick brush or woodlands
Bryanhigh or noble or brave
BryannHill with birds
Bryantdaughter of Yahweh/Lord, worshipper of lord
BrynSignifies dark.
BryonFlame or trail mark made on a tree
BrysonnLiterally, happy or joyful
BudTiller of the soil
BuddhaLord Krishna
BuddhadevLord Krishna
BuddhadevaThe Charming Name Means 'White', 'Clear' In Sanskrit. In Hindi, The Name Means 'Bright', 'Shining'.
BuddhapriyaCrescent Moon
BudhilA Garland Of 5 Types Of Flowers
BufordGrove of trees
BulbulBest Among Men
BurnettResembling salmon / from the wide valley
BurtBroad meadow.
BushrahOld Ancient
BusrahA gift
BushrahA gift
ButcherBroad forest
ButhaynahNeat, Clean
ByramBroad island


Unisex Baby Names with B and their meanings:

BakerTo sing
BarbaraaDoctor or healer
BhadraLord Of Vital Breaths
BhavyaA Diamond
BlainLittle fire
BradlyLittle girl
BranddonHaving the strength of a bear / one who argues
BrandiiA fair-haired man
BreonnaBrave as a bear
BroganWhite or fair
BrycenA saint
BrydenFrom the field of battle
BrydonOne with a lisp or a stutter / a fiery man
BuckBright fame
BurrFrom the wide ford
ByrdResembling salmon / from the wide valley


Phew! Now that you have made it to the end of this long list, we hope to have helped you find the perfect baby name and that you fell in love with it.

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