Baby Names Starting From ‘G’

The beautiful journey of 40 weeks is in its final stretch. You are in the last few weeks of your third trimester and the countdown to hold your baby in your arms has begun. The first time your baby opens its eyes, you are surely going to fall in love with her. It is love at first sight! One of the first few things you will be doing for your baby is finding her a perfect name. The final few weeks of your pregnancy is the perfect time to start hunting for baby names for your little one.

While choosing from a plethora of baby names, it is advisable that your partner and you decide on an alphabet first. After much discussion, say you’ve both chosen the alphabet ‘G’. You will soon be on the lookout for names starting with G. The process of choosing a name with G for your baby requires a team effort. So naturally not just you two parents but even your families can get involved in this bonding exercise to choose the perfect name for your little one. People in your circle will pitch in with their ideas for baby names and try to help you out. But in the end, the decision is yours. It is important that you choose a name that you resonate with and absolutely adore. Whether you opt for a modern name for your baby or a more traditional one, it is important to take your time. The name you give your baby is going to stay with her forever. The process of naming your little one can be a little scary at first, but equally exciting. But don’t worry, we are here guide you through this name-finding mission, and help you find the perfect name for your little one.

Here is a list of G names for girls and boys, which can be your starting point while choosing a name. The list comes with meanings, to help you choose faster. Keep on reading to find a name that you will fall in love with for your little one.

Baby Girl Names with G and their meanings:

GabbriellaGiver of life or a lively woman
GaganadipikaOne Who Meditates
GaigeGiver of life or a lively woman
GanapatiLord Ganesha
GandhikaVery nice and sweet smell.
GandhiniHeavenly, Brilliant, Extraordinary
GangaGanga is the name of the holiest river in India and is worshipped by many Hindus
GargiThe Invincible
GarimaOne Who Is Heaven-Sent
GaurangiFair complexioned
GauriA Fair Woman
GauriA fair woman or Goddess Parvathi or White or Fair or Beautiful or Brilliant or Another name for the earth
GaurikaLord Of Brahmins
GayathriMother of Vedas
Gayatri Lord Of Beauty
GeetA Song
GeetaPoem Or Song
GeorgiaSon of Hugh
GeorgianaStyle or verve
GeorgiannaFrom Denmark or from Flanders
GeorgieSwift, fast
GeorginaFrom the old French, meaning arrow feat
GhannamIntelligent And Wise
GhaydaSuperior, Outstanding
GhitbahSplendid, Elegant
GianncarloFree , or from France
GireeshaThe Sanskrit Word Rushabh Means 'Most Excellent'.
Girija Peaceful
GitaA Pupil Of Dronaachaarya
GlendaPure or Holy
GlenndaFrom The Name Gabrielle
GomathiConqueror Of Truth
GomatiLord Shiva
GomerMerry, lively
GoolWife Of Himalaya
GopaGoddess Durga
GopikaProwess, Strength, Honor
GraceannSloping hills
GraceeGod is redeemed gana - garden
GracelynnGarden of the lord
GracenBotany: a sweet-melling flower
GranthanaSomeone with good communication skill
GrettaGod is my strength
GriseldaA foreigner / one who is cheerful
GrishmaGoddess Parvathi
GudiyaAn Arrow, Dart
GuendolinaValley of sun
GuhyaOne Who Desires
GulabA Small Song
GulbanoJurist, Scholar Of Religious Laws
GunwantiA Spark
GurjariThe Lamp Of The Sky


Baby Boy Names with G and their meanings:

GabbrielA combination of eve & marie
GadhadharThe Name Means 'One Who Is Immovable' In Sanskrit.
GadinThe Short Name Of Sanskrit Origin Means 'He Carries Out The Creation Without Any Problem'.
GaganLord Vishnu
GaganjotLight of the sky
GaganvihariLord Of Meditation
GailinePowerful lawman
GajaadharGoddess Durga
GajanadRefers to Lord Hanuman.
GajanandWho Is Victorious Over Everyone
GajendraProtected By Fame
GajendranathKing Of The Solar Race
GajkaranA King, Ancestor Of Rama
GajrupThe Sun
GalenFriend of the law
GalileaGod make me stronger
GaltonStrength of god
GambheerThe Sun
GambhirBeauty, Silver
GanakGold Coin
GanakaKind To The Poor
GanarajLord Ganesha
GandharvThe Sun
GandivaDivine Body
GanenderMaster of the war.
GanendraDivine Light, Sun
GaneshElephant God
GangaadattOne of the Asian rivers.
GangeshLord Shiva Or Lord Of The Ganges River
GaurangFair complexioned
GauravThe Eldest. Lord Vishnu
GautamA Shining Man
GayleOne Who Loves Horses
GeethamThe founder of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna.
GeethikOne who is having very pleasing and wonderful voice talent.
GengarubanOne of the names of Lord Shiva.
GeorgeTiller of the soil or farmer
GeraldStreamer flint stone
GeromeFlourishing, blooming
GerrodRiver crossing
GershamForest guardian
GersonA wood- land dweller forest
GhafirEmbodied Beauty
Ghanashyam Lord Krishna
GhareebahVery Clever
GhasaanGood Smell From Heaven
GhauthSurpassing, Excellent, Leader
GhawthSuperior, Ascendant, Outstanding
GhayoorA Precious Gem
GhazalaGrace, Favour
GhazanfarThe First
GhaziThe Dawn, Name Of The Morning Prayer
GhiyathPride, Something To Feel Proud About
GhizlanGood, New
GhufayrahHonorary, glorious, proud
GhutayfBreak Of Dawn
GianaA wood- land dweller forest
GiancarloTrapper of wildfowl
GiriOne Eyed, Shiva
GiridariA Name For Lord Ganesha
GiridharOne With Elephant Face
GirijanandanOneself, Alone
GirishLord Shiva or Mahadev
GiteshSon Of Saint
GlennFrom the surname or which is from the Gaelic gleann or meaning "valley".
GlynnFrom The Valley
GopalFull Of Compassion
GopeshClosely Attentive
GopiBravest Of The Brave
GopichandLord Shiva’s Daughter
GopinathWho Makes All Do Yagas
GoutamCardamom Tree
GovardhanYoung Crescent
GovindPoet Or Poetess
GovindaYouthful, Princess
GovindanPerson of very restless nature. They cannot sit idle and keep themselves busy all the time.
GovindaramThey are energetic, adventurous, daring and freedom-loving. They also tend to be versatile, flexible, adaptable, curious, social, sensual, quick-thinking, witty, courageous and worldly.
GraceanneOwner of a rented estate
GracelynDefender Gabriel - man of god
GracielaOne who is mighty with a spear
GrahishGod Is With Us
GraysenOak spear
GreeleyGarry's son
GreeshkandarajaMeans the leader of men who protects or owns domestic animals.
GregSon of gar
GreggThe keeper of the garden
GregorySpear carrier
GretchenA little white falcon
GreyA little white falcon
GrihithPassion Of The Sun
GruhitFulfilling Desire
GulshanThe Sun
GulwantDerived from a Sikh word meaning 'beautiful flower'
GulzarA Beautiful And Auspicious Woman
GundeepThe Little Ruler Or Little King
GunwantDelicate As A Flower
GurbachanName Of Lord Vishnu
GurcharanLord Krishna
GurdayalName Of A River In India
GuritOne with golden hair genesis - origin
GurjasOcean Of The Sky
GurjopLarge Indian River
GurleenOne Who Stays In Heaven
GurmanLord Shiva
GurmeetHymn, A Song Sung In Praise Of God
GurmukhWho Can Command An Elephant
GurnamMajestic- Like An Elephant's Walk
GursharanLord Ganesh
GuruGarland Of Flowers
GurubachanWho Has Strength Of An Elephant
GurucharanElephant Teeth, Ganesha
GurudattThe Sun
GuruduttOwner Of Gajendra
GururajMaster of teacher
GurusharanLike Ears Of Elephant
GuruttamMaster Of Elephant, Ganesha
GurveerLord Of Perfection
GustavoStaff of the Geats
Gyana Sanskrit word that means 'knowledge'
GyandeepLord Of Perfection
GyandevRiver Godavari Or One Who Enlightens Or One Who Removes Darkness Or Another Name For Durga


Unisex Baby Names with G and their meanings:

GabaiGod is gracious or in the bible , one of the apostles
GevaA wood-land dweller forest
GrayStrength of the
GreydonWhite falcon
GurdeepLamp Of Guru
GurpreetLakshmi As Graceful As An Elephant


Phew! Now that you have made it to the end of this long list, we hope to have helped you find the perfect baby name and that you fell in love with it.

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