French Baby Names for Boys & Girls

26 Best French Baby Girl Names and their meanings:



AdelaideThe one who is noble and kind
BeatriceRefers to a voyager or traveller
CarmenRefers to a garden or orchard
DianeThe one who is divine and heavenly
ElenaDenotes a torch
FlorenceThe one who is flourishing
GabrielleThe believer of God is strength
HannahThe one who is graceful
InayaDenotes divine care and guidance
JadeRefers to the jade stone
KarineDenotes a summer forest
LaetitiaDenotes joy and happiness
MadeleineThe girl from Magdala
NaiomiDenotes pleasantness
OceaneRefers to the ocean
PriscillaDenotes something that is ancient
QuestaDenotes a journey
ReneeSignifies rebirth; the one who is born again
SavannahRefers to a grassy plain
TessaDerived from the Greek word for summer and harvest
UrselRefers to a little female bear
VivianeThe one who is alive
WandaA shorter version of the word wanderer
XiomaraThe one who is glorious or famous in battle
YnesThe one who is pure
ZivaDenotes life; the one who is radiant


26 Best French Baby Boy Names and their meanings:



AdrienThe one from Hadria
BertrandThe one who is bright and famous
CalixteThe one who is good looking
DiegoRefers to a supplanter
EricRefers to a ruler
FlorianRefers to a flower
GaelThe one who is fair and giving
HerveThe one who is worthy of a battle
IsidoreRefers to the gift of Isis
JeromeThe one with a sacred name
KilianRefers to a church
LucianDenotes light
MaelRefers to a prince
NestorDenotes homecoming
OlivierRefers to the elf army
PhilippeThe one who is a friend of the horses
QuentinMeans fifth
RaphaelThe one who is healed by God
SebastienThe one who is from Sebaste
TheoThe one who is a gift of God
UbertThe one who is intelligent
ValentineThe one who is healthy and strong
WadeSignifies movement
XanderThe one who is splendid; also refers to the defender of mankind
YvoRefers to the archer
ZacharyThe one who is remembered by God


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