200 Unique & Popular French Baby Names for Girls & Boys

France is not only known for its beautiful location, Eiffel tower, food, history, and rich culture but also for its romantic and classic language – French. It is a symbol of love, art, fashion, and literature, thus inspiring beautiful French names for babies. Whether you're looking for a stylish name that sounds elegant or because you're a French art enthusiast, there are numerous reasons to choose a French name for your little one. So, if you've been browsing all over the internet to find that perfect little French name that suits your baby well, then you're at the right place. We've curated a list of 2021 French baby names for boys and girls.

100 French Names for Baby Boy

Sr. No.Baby Boy Names Meanings 
1AdrienThe one from Hadria
3ArmandA soldier
4ArthurOne of the top French baby names that means noble
5AcelAdherent of nobleman
6AdrienFrom the Adriatic Sea region
7AlexandreA great ruler
8AldrichWise ruler
9BertrandThe one who is bright and famous
10BriceSon of a nobleman
11BevisHandsome face
12BirkThe one who lives in a fortress
14CharlesFree man
16CalixteThe one who is good looking
19ChevalierA knight
21DenisDevoted to wine god
22DiegoRefers to a supplanter
23DacianOf the nobility
24DamienOne of the trending 2021 French baby names that means the one who is untamed
25DavinBeloved one
26DelanoAlder tree grove
27DelmontOf the mountains
28EricRefers to a ruler
29EdmondA prosperous protector
30ElliottThe one who believes in God
31ElroyA king
32FrancoisFree man
33FlorianRefers to a flower
34FontaneSource of water
35FortunatusLucky one
36FredericA peaceful ruler
37FremontFree man
38GabrielGod is strength
39GilbertA promise
40GastonA foreigner
41GaelThe one who is fair and giving
42GaetanThe one who is from Gaete
43GarranThe one who guards
45HerveThe one who is worthy of a battle
47HamiltonFrom the mountain town
48HarbinA warrior
49HarveyOne of the top French baby names that denote battle worthy
50HenryThe one who rules the home
51IsidoreRefers to the gift of Isis
52JeromeThe one with a sacred name
53JacquesThe one that replaces
54JeanGod is gracious
55JulesThe one who is forever young
56KilianRefers to a church
57LucianDenotes light
59LouisA warrior
61MaelRefers to a prince
63MarcelLittle warrior
65MauriceThe one with dark skin
66NicolasPeople's victory
67NestorDenotes homecoming
68NoelBorn on the day of Christmas
69OrvilleThe one who comes from gold town
70OlivierRefers to the elf army
71PhilippeThe one who is a friend of the horses
72PascalBorn on the day of Easter
73PaulThe small one
75PierreRock-like solid
76QuentinMeans fifth
77RaphaelThe one who is healed by God
79RichardA strong ruler
82SebastienThe one who is from Sebastes
83SamuelAsked of God
84SachaDefender of mankind
85SimonGod has heard
86SinclairFrom Saint Claire
87TheoThe one who is a gift of God
88ThomasA twin
91UbertThe one who is intelligent
92ValentineThe one who is healthy and strong
94VernonAlder tree grove
95WilliamA protector who is determined
96WadeSignifies movement
97XanderThe one who is splendid; also refers to the defender of mankind
99YvoRefers to the archer
100ZacharyThe one who is remembered by God


100 French Names for Baby Girl

Sr. No.Baby Girl NamesMeanings
1AdelaideThe one who is noble and kind
2AimeeBeloved one
4BernadetteThe one who is brave as a bear
5BlancheThe one who is fair
6BeatriceRefers to a voyager or traveller
7CarmenRefers to a garden or orchard
8CamilleOne of the trending 2021 French Baby names that means the girl in white
9ChanelFrom the channel
10CharlotteThe one who is strong and free
13ClementineThe one who is merciful
16DianeThe one who is divine and heavenly
17DanielleGod is the judge
18DeniseThe one who is devoted to the wine god
19DesireeDesired one
20ElenaOne of the trending 2021 French Baby names denoting a torch
22FleurA flower
24FlorenceThe one who is flourishing
25GabrielleThe believer of God is strength
26GenevieveThe one who belongs to a tribe
28HannahThe one who is graceful
29InayaDenotes divine care and guidance
30JacquelineThe one who replaces
31JeanneGod is gracious
32JewelA gem
33JoliePretty one
34JosephineGod will increase
35JulietThe one who is forever young
36JadeRefers to the jade stone
37KarineDenotes a summer forest
38LorraineThe one who comes from the province of Lorraine
39LurdettaThe one who comes from the French town of Lourdes
42LaetitiaDenotes joy and happiness
43MystiqueAir of mystery
44MadeleineThe girl from Magdala
45MalloryUnfortunate one
47MarieA star from the sea of bitterness
48MichelleThe one who is closest to God
49MonicaOne of the top French baby names that mean a wise advisor
50MatildaThe one who is strong in battle
51NaiomiDenotes pleasantness
52NicolettePeople's victory
53NatalieThe one who is born on the day of Christmas
55OceaneRefers to the ocean
56OdelettaLittle spring
61PaigeAn attendant
63PriscillaDenotes something that is ancient
64PatriceNoble one
65PaulineSmall one
66QuestaDenotes a journey
68ReneeSignifies rebirth; the one who is born again
70RomanaThe one who comes from Rome
73RochelleFrom the little rock
74SavannahRefers to a grassy plain
76SuzettePretty one
78ShannelleA variant of Chanal
79SidonieA follower of saint Denys
80TessaDerived from the Greek word for summer and harvest
81ThereseTeresa of Avila
83TiffanyManifestation of divinity
84TildaThe one who is mighty in a war
85UrselRefers to a little female bear
86VivianeThe one who is alive
87VioletteA bluish-purple flower
88VeronicaHonest one
89WandaA shorter version of the word wanderer
90XiomaraThe one who is glorious or famous in battle
91XavierraThe one who owns a new house
92YnesThe one who is pure
93YvonneYew wood
95YolandaA violet flower
96ZivaDenotes life; the one who is radiant
97ZoeThe one who is full of life
99ZolaA famous bearer
100ZuriThe one who is white and lovely


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