Season Themed Indian Baby Names

50 Indian Baby Names Inspired By Seasons

There are several Indian baby names inspired by seasons. Regardless of the time of year your little one is born, you will find a name that reflects the beautiful season during which your baby arrived in this world!

Here are 25 season-inspired baby girl names with their meanings, which are as adorable as your baby.

25 Indian Baby Girl Names By Seasons

Name Meaning
Adhira Lightning; strong
Amani Spring; insightful
Barkha Rain
Grishma Warmth; type of season
Haima Of the snow
Hemanta Early winter
Hrutvi Name of an angel; season
Ishya Spring season
Keya A monsoon flower
Manjari Blossom
Meghna Clouds
Neha Rain
Oshma Summer season
Ridhushni Season
Rutuja Related to season
Savani Early morning raga sung in monsoon season
Shaoni Monsoon season
Sheen Snow
Sienna Autumn season
Tusharika Snowflake
Vaishaka A season; lioness
Varisha Monsoon season
Varshini Goddess of rain; showers
Vrishti Rain
Ziva Spring season

These baby girl names inspired by seasons are as pretty and pure as your gorgeous girl. Pick one that befits the innocent persona of your little one.

If you are on the lookout for season themed name for boys, read on to find 25 such names for your little darling

25 Unique Baby Boy Names Inspired By Seasons

Name Meaning
Aviv Spring
Ikrut One season
Iravat Rain clouds
Karif Born in Autumn
Megh Cloud
Mehul Rain
Mukil Cloud
Nirad Cloud; given by water
Prasal Winter
Prasit First ray of the winter sun
Rabi Spring breeze
Reeham Light rain; little
Reham Drizzle; light rain
Ritul Seasons
Rouble Born during the rainy season; money
Rutesh King of seasons
Sarth Season of Autumn
Savan Rain during the monsoon season; one who offers a sacrifice to God
Shararth A season
Sharad Autumn season
Shishir Winter season; cold
Stav Autumn
Tuhin Snow
Uttank Cloud; disciple
Varshal Rain

If you haven’t found a name you absolutely love from among those listed above, explore these top 100 baby names with meanings.

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