Tamil Baby Boy Names

Hey mom and dad, we’re so happy for you two! As you welcome a new bundle of joy in your lives, everyone close is eagerly waiting to meet your boy. Soon, days will pass by and then will come the day of your baby’s naming ceremony – Peyarsutu! So, have you thought of a baby boy name yet? Choosing from a myriad of Tamil names can be a little daunting. So, we recommend selecting an alphabet first. The process of picking a baby name requires a team effort, where it is not just the involvement of you both but also the involvement of other family members. When there are so many people suggesting names, it can be tough to settle on a unique boy name quickly. No matter what type of name you are looking for, it is essential to take your time. From a list, go for a name that you absolutely resonate with and love. At first, the whole naming process may seem scary, but it will surely be an exciting experience. With lots of hustle-bustle around, focussing on one thing can be difficult. We get you! But stress not, as we’re here to help you pick a name quicker. You need to know the answers to some basic questions before you start the hunt for Tamil names for boys:

  • What type of name are you looking for – traditional or modern Tamil boy names?

  • Are you both happy with the baby boy name you have chosen?

  • Will this unique boy name impact your son’s adulthood?

  • Can you imagine your child growing up with this modern Tamil name?

  • Does this baby boy name sound appropriate when shortened?

If you have easily answered these questions, you can now choose a name quickly. We’ve made you a list of the 100 best Tamil boy names in alphabetical order. This list comes along with meanings to help you choose a name quickly. Keep reading; there will be a few best baby names that will surely catch your eye. You can shortlist a few names that have your heart and then finalize the best one.

List of Tamil Baby Boy Names with Meanings:



AahvanDenotes an invitation call
AabhatRefers to something shining, visible; the one who is brilliant
AadhiraiRefers to a special star
AadijayDenotes success, victory
AadivThe one who is delicate
Bhoomik/BhumikRefers to the Lord of the Earth
BasilRefers to the king of the herbs
BhavinThe one who is always winning
BhavishDenotes future
CoshelThe one who is perfectly performs any task
ChavrikThe one who is intelligent
CeyoneRefers to the rising sun
CherithThe one who is beloved
ChaitalDenotes consciousness
CharitSomething that is historic
DivikRefers to God's ray
DhrishayThe one who is bold, courageous and visionary
DhaeryeThe one with enough patience and courage
EkajThe only child
EkakshaRefers to one-eyed Lord Shiva
FaneeshRefers to Lord Shiva; the cosmic serpent Shesh
FirozName of the king
FalishRefers to Indian tulip
GeminiRefers to twin
GavistAbode of light
Girven/GirvanLanguage of God
GritikRefers to a mountain
HarithikFrom the heart
HenithRefers to a tiger
Harsith/HasikThe one who is joyous, cheerful and always smiling
HitrajThe one who is a well-wisher; Well-wishing king
HridyanshA piece of the heart
IlanThe one who is young
IsaiDenotes music
IyarkaiRefers to nature
IdhayanDenotes the joy of heart
IraiyanThe one who is blessed
JanakThe one who is a good man
JayanThe one who is victorous
JayinThe one who is a conqueror
JeganThe one who is strong
JasonThe one who is a healer
JamesThe one who is great and lovable
KadalRefers to the ocean
KairavRefers to the white lotus
KrisThe Christ-bearer
KevinThe one who is gentle
KanishThe one who is caring
KarvinThe one who is kind
LeninDenotes a little cape
LikithRefers to a writer
LavanayThe one who is handsome
LianRefers to a lotus
MehulRefers to rain
MohakThe one who is attractive
MrinmoyThe one who is made of Earth
NesanThe one who is full of love
NihalThe one who is gratified
NamishRefers to Lord Vishnu
NirishDenotes freedom
NirmayOf gold; the one who is pure
OneeshRefers to Lord of mind
OnikRefers to a soldier
OviyanRefers to an artist
OrisRefers to a tree
PavanRefers to the wind
ParvinThe one who is a winner
ParithiRefers to the sun
PrajithRefers to a king
PratikshDenotes love
PiyanRefers to a guitar
RyanThe one who is a ruler
RenitRefers to the Lord of Love
RovinDenotes pleasure
RubenThe one who is lucky
RatishRefers to cupid
RithulThe one who is a seeker of truth
SeelanThe one who is disciplined
SaatvikThe one who is pious
SamikDenotes peacefulness
SajeevDenotes the feeling of being alive
SachivRefers to a friend
SuvanDenotes emanation
TahirSomething that is holy
TaksaRefers to the son of Bharata
Tanish/TaneeshDenotes ambition
TarvinRefers to a palm tree
ThendralThe one who is like a breeze
TamiloliThe one who is the Tamil light
UyirDenotes life
UsmanRefers to a trusth-worthy friend
UmangDenotes enthusiasm
UdbhavSomething that is generated
UvendraThe one who is the best
ViyaanThe one who is awe inducing
ViryaDenotes valour strength; energy
VihanThe one who is intelligent
VivinThe one who is full of life; denotes freedom
VarenThe one who is a sovereign


Yay! You’ve finally picked the best Tamil name for your baby. We hope you choose the perfect one that suits your little sunshine.

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