Baby Boy Names & Baby Girl Names Starting From ‘J’

Hey would-be-mom and dad, congratulations! Your tiny bundle of joy will be arriving soon, and within no time will be in your arms. Your baby's first gaze after opening his or her eyes will melt your heart, and it’ll be love at first sight! So, have you chosen a name for your love yet? If not, this is the right time to start looking for cute baby names before you get caught up in making memories with your baby. Searching for baby names is a matter of team effort, so you and your partner need to do it together. You can also involve your family, as they'll be relatives to your baby. If you have decided on looking for names with J, great! You've already completed step one. Now that you have the starting point, feel free to welcome all the name suggestions from your relatives. It is surely going to be a little bewildering when it comes to making a choice, but keep in mind, the final decision will always be of you two as parents. The name is going to stay with your baby forever, so take a good amount of time before choosing one. We understand that this process might seem a little daunting, but we’ve got you covered in this name-search mission. Before you begin searching for names starting with J, here are some tips that might help you:

  • Set a starting point of your search – decide on the type of name you want, whether a modern or traditional name.

  • The names you choose shouldn’t be too long. Whether baby girl names with J or baby boy names starting with J, they should be short and sweet when combined with the last name.

  • Now that you know what you want, you can start looking for unique baby names. To give you a head start, we’ve curated a list of names starting with J along with their meanings. The following list might help you make a choice faster:

Baby Boy Names Starting With J

J Names for boysMeaning
JavinSwift; fast; horse; dear
JihanThe universe
JenishGod's gracious butterfly
JivajFull of life
JagatThe world
JaisalFamous folk
JanakFather of Sita
JwaliaLord Shiva
JigarHeart of courage
JeanGod of merciful
JamesA cheerful boy
JagvirWorld winner
JahnavHindu saint who kept Ganga on his legs
JaiConqueror; a kind of flute; yellow jasmine
JaidenVariant of Jaydev
JaineelVictorious God Swami Narayan; the victory of blue
JairajLord of victory
JairamVictory of Lord Rama
JaisanVariant of Jason
JaivikPure and divine
JakshLord of Kuber
JankeshLord of his subjects
JaspritaDesiring fame
JanisthaDesired by people
JahRespect; rank
JaikritThe one who is victorious
JaileshLord of water
JahshCompanion of Prophet Muhammad
JadCurly; frizzled
JabrilAn angel
JatasyaThe ocean
JatinTwisted hair; an ascetic; another name of Lord Shiva
JayasvaSon of Drupada, horse of victory


Baby Girl names with J

J Names for GirlsMeaning
JignaIntellectual curiosity
JhalakGlimpse; spark
JeelCalm lake
JiviLife; immortal
JaitashriName of a raga
JuanitaGod is gracious
JasumHibiscus - a type of flower
JainaOne with good character
JalajaGoddess of wealth
JanakiGoddess Sita
JanishaDispeller of ignorance
JasmineName of a flower
JasmitOne with extreme fame
JeeteshiGoddess of victory
JeevalFull of life
JuanaA flower
JabalaPowerful lady
JadidaNew; fresh
JahinSagacious; intelligent; ingenious; good pedigree
JamilaBeautiful; lovely
JanaanHeart or soul; paradise; heaven
JannatGod is gracious; heaven
JanujaDaughter; born
JanvikaOne who gathers knowledge; dispeller of ignorance
JansiThe lifelike; rising sun
JannaGarden; paradise
JanhitaOne who thinks of the welfare of humanity; considerate
JanaBorn brave
JalviName of river May
JameelGoddess Saraswati; pure; fire
JaitiWelcome; winner
JakshaniOne of the Hindu Gods
JaladhijaGoddess Lakshmi; water
JalsaCompanion; celebration
JamalaMoon-faced; pretty
JanithaAn angel
JanushriLoved one


We hope you were able to find what you were looking for, and you might have shortlisted some of the best names. But, if you wish to look beyond the list, you can check out our Baby Name Generator Tool. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the perfect name for your little one!

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