Baby names starting with the letter ‘T’

Mom-to-be, is the final stretch of your pregnancy here, already? Congratulations! All these weeks where you dreamt of your little one is now soon going to turn into reality. It’s surely going to be an exciting moment for you and your better half as you hold your baby in your arms. All in all, it will be love at the very first sight! While you are preparing yourself to make some adorable memories with your baby, you might want to pick a beautiful baby name as well.

Narrowing down a name for your baby might seem like an overwhelming process. But you need to get started with it right now. It’s because once the baby arrives, you and your partner will be left with little to no time. You both would be busy taking care of your little one. So, why not get this important task off your plate, right away?

First and foremost, you should narrow down the starting letter. This gives you a good starting point. After much discussion, say you decide upon ‘T’ to be the starting letter which sounds quite amazing. Now, you can start your name hunt mission by looking for names starting with T. Given that you aren’t aware of your baby’s gender yet, you would want to shortlist ‘T’ names for girls and boys.

The process of selecting baby boy or baby girl names starting with ‘T’ might look a little overwhelming. Thus, to help you out, here are a few things you might wish to consider while making your pick:

Now that you have these basic name searching tips up your sleeves, you can start looking for ‘T’ names for boys and girls. Get your family members and close friends for this fun activity. They can help you with some worthwhile suggestions as well. But make sure to take your time while choosing a baby name.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this activity started! Here is a list of baby girl and baby boy names starting with ‘T’, along with their meaning.

Baby Boy Names Starting With ‘T’ And Their Meaning


Baby Boy Names With ‘T’Meaning
Taarush    Conqueror, Small Plant
Taai    Obedient, willing
Tahaan    Merciful
Tahil    Royal son of Jaya
Tahir    Holy
Taksh    Son of Brahatha
Takshak    A cobra
Taksheel    Strong Character
Talin    Musical, Lord Shiva
Talha    King of tree
Talish    Lord of Earth
Tamas    River
Tamish    God of Darkness
Tanav    Flute
Taneesh    Ambition
Tanay    Son
Tanip    The Sun
Tanoj    Son
Tandeep    Light inside
Tanish    Ambition
Tanishq   A Jewel
Tanul    To Expand
Tanun    The Wind
Tanveer   Enlightened
Tapesh    The Holy Trinity
Tapur    Gold
Tapan    sun
Tapas    Lord Sun
Tapasvi    Sage
Tapoj    Born from Meditation
Taporaj    Moon
Tarpan    Refreshing
Taraksh    Star eyed, mountain
Tarit    Lightning
Taral    Honey bee
Taraswin    Brave, Face of strength
Tarak    Protector
Taradhish    Lord of the stars
Tarang    Wave
Tarik    One who crosses the river of life
Tarit    Lightning
Tarun    Young
Tarus    Light
Tavish    heaven
Tejas    Sharp, Lustre, Brilliance
Teerth    Holy Place
Tejomay    Glorious
Tijil    Moon
Tilak    Auspicious
Timin    Large
Timothy    Name of a Saint
Tirth    Holy place
Tivri    Target
Timir    Darkness
Tohit    Beautiful
Tushir    New small leaf
Tushin    Satisfied
Tupil    Moon
Tusar    Water Drops
Tushar    Winter
Thanu    Slender, delicate, thin
Thakarsh    Lord Krishna
Thakur    Leader
Thaman    God


Baby Girl Names With ‘T’ And Their Meaning


Baby Girl Names With ‘T’    Meaning
Tabassum    Flower
Tabu    Excellent
Taahira    Modest
Taai    Good Mannered
Taali    Young
Tala    God
Talika    A bird
Tamoghna    Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
Tamasi    Night
Tamanna    Wish
Tamasi    Night
Tamira    Magic
Tamra    Copper
Tamsi    Moonlight
Tanishi    Goddess Durga
Tantra    Reincarnated
Tanvi    The epitome of femininity
Tanuja    Daughter
Tanirika    A flower
Tanisi    Goddess Durga
Tanusha    A blessing
Tani    Fairy Princess
Tanaya    Daughter
Tanaz    Delicate Body
Tania    Fairy Princess
Tanmaya    Moderate
Tannu    Power
Tansi    Beautiful Princess
Tanya    Worthy of praise
Tanvee    Delicate and beautiful
Tanvi    Caring
Tapasya    Meditation, Warmth
Tapni    River Godavari, A river in India
Tapasi    Female ascetic
Tarai    Star
Tarakini    Starry night
Tarani    Boat, Sun
Tara    Star
Tarla    Nectar
Taruni    Young Girl
Tasha    Young Girl
Tashi    Prosperity
Tejal    Lustrous, Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant
Teertha    Holy water
Tejal    Bright
Tejasvi    Brilliant
Tejomayi    Radiant
Tesha    Survivor
Tikshana    Sharp
Tina    River
Tithi    Date
Tiya    A bird
Tisha    Happiness
Tishya    Auspicious
Tooba    Good news, blessedness
Toshi    Alert
Toshini    Goddess Durga
Toya    Water
Tuhi    Bird sound
Tula    One who knows how to balance in life
Tuli    Fine paint brush
Tuqa    Heedfulness of God
Turvi    Superior, victorious
Thiya    Gift of God
Tharisha    Desire
Trisha    Wish
Trishna    Desire
Triveni    Convergence of three rivers (Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati)
Trupti    Satisfaction
Twisha    Bright, light
Tyna    Christ’s Follower
Tyra    Untamed


That was a long list of baby boy names and baby girl names that start from ‘T’. But did you find the perfect name for your little one? If not, don’t stress. Head to our Baby Name Generator Tool. It has more names with ‘T’ for boys and girls. Happy searching!

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