3 Tips on Combination of Names of Parents for Babies

One of the most vexing problems every parent faces is about choosing a suitable name for their child. Everyone is on the lookout for that perfect name - easy to pronounce and spell, unique, meaningful, respectful and relevant culturally. Phew! That's a lot, isn't it? And as if that wasn't enough, parents today are also looking for a name that reflects their own. Easier said than done? We think not! Read on for some tricks to find a baby name combination from parents' names.

Tips to Finding Parents' Names Combination for Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Arriving at a baby name – combination of father's and mother's names is a much-loved technique used by couples who have explored other venues for finding a satisfactory name but are left unimpressed in the end. By keeping what you love about both your names, you end up with a name that is unique and also does not alienate either parent! There are many cool tricks that can help you arrive at a combination of names of parents for babies.

TIP 1 - Separate the syllables of both names and try pairing them:

  • This is all the rage anyway, isn't it? Whether it's Virushka, Shamira, Saifeena, or Deepveer, we love putting syllables of two names together to come up with something catchy. Why not use it to arrive at a baby name combination from the parents' respective names too? The challenge here is that unlike Virushka and Deepveer, a baby's name is not just a Twitter hashtag and must have some meaning.

    • Let's look at an example.

    • Mom's name: Namrata

    • Dad's name: Kshitij

  • Parents' name combination for baby girl:

    • Akshita — Meaning wonderful

    • Namita — Meaning precious

    • Raksha — Meaning protection

  • Parents' name combination for baby boy can be:

    • Naksh — Meaning prosperity

    • Samrat — Meaning emperor

    • Amrit — Meaning nectar

Simple, isn't it?

TIP 2 - Add a meaningful prefix or a suffix to get a unique name

  • Try looking up prefixes or suffixes that will make a name relevant to your culture, religion, language or traditions. These can then be added to the combination of names of parents for babies to arrive at multiple unique alternatives.

    • Let's look at an example here too:

    • Mom's name: Anya

    • Dad's name: Amogh

    • Parents' name combination for baby boy:

    • Praghya — Meaning wisdom (Adding the Sanskrit prefix "Pra" to the syllables from parent names)

And if it gets too much, you always have the options to choose from 100+ Hindu baby names and Muslim names for baby to find that perfect name for your baby.

TIP 3 - Use last names meaningfully

  • Another recent trend while creating baby name combinations from parents' name is to use the mother's first and last names meaningfully. For too long, moms have felt left out of the baby's name altogether. Some tricks you can use to honour the mother and her family while putting together combination of parents' names for babies, include: For a baby boy, consider the mother's last name as the baby's first name. For example, if the mother's name is Meera Akash, her baby boy can be named Akash. For either gender, the mother's last name can be used as the baby's middle name. A celebrity example of this is famous director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

And if you are still confused and looking for something, try out our Baby Name Generator tool. It provides you with different filters so that you can find the perfect name that you're looking for your baby.

Before you move on - remember, eventually your baby's name must be a name that both parents love and your baby grows up to like. So, use the tips mentioned above to derive a creative baby name combination from parents' names. We are sure you'll enjoy this little game and finally come up with something unusual, yet amazing.

If you feel that a baby's name should be unique and have its own identity, you can choose from a plethora of options that we have for you, like the popular Indian baby names or cool unisex baby names. You can also explore parenting, baby care tips & wide range of baby diaper & wipes on Pampers India. We aim to help you in preparing for the hospital with our hospital bag checklist. So, if you haven't started preparing yet, take a look at it.

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