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Having a child is an incredibly joyous and life-changing occasion, but it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Giving a suitable Muslim baby name that conforms to certain Islamic rules is one of the first and most important duties you will need to perform, as a person’s name is believed to greatly influence their personality as they grow up.

According to tradition, Muslim parents name their child seven days after birth at an Aqiqah ceremony. The event is marked with the ritual of sacrificing a sheep or a goat and distributing the meat to the poor. When it’s finally time to name the baby, a lot of religious and spiritual reasons come into play. It’s worth noting that while less than 15% of Muslims in the world are Arabic by ethnicity, it is still the most common language for choosing Muslim baby names.

So, if you are seeking some inspiration for Islamic names for your baby girl or boy, here’s a list of Most Popular Islamic names for baby boy & baby girl with meaning:

Most Popular Muslim Names for Baby Boy

Sr. No. Muslim Baby Boy Names. Muslim Baby Boy Names with Meaning
1. Ahmad Meaning ‘much praised’.
2. Atif Sympathetic
3. Badr If you’re looking for some unique Muslim baby boy names, this one, meaning ‘full moon’, is a name you should definitely consider.
4. Basheer Bringer of good news
5. Dalil Guide
6. Dayyan Ruler, judge
7. Faiz Perhaps the most beloved of all Muslim boy names, it means ‘winner or victorious’.
8. Farhan Happy, cheerful
9. Faysal Decisive, judge
10. Fida Sacrifice
11. Ghani Rich
12. Ghazi Hero
13. Hamza Strong and steadfast
14. Hassan Handsome
15. Imad Pillar, support
16. Iqbal Propriety
17. Irfan Fairly common among Muslim boy names, it literally means ‘knowledge’.
18. Jamal Beauty, grace
19. Kafeel Guardian
20. Khalid Eternal
21. Mahmud Praised
22. Muhsin Benevolent
23. Muzaffar Victorious
24. Naeem There are few Muslim boy names as beautiful-sounding as this one, which means ‘comfort’.
25. Rafeeq Kind friend


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Most Popular Muslim Names for Baby Girl

Sr. No. Names. Meaning
26. Aminah Secure, protected
27. Aisha One of the loveliest and most preferred names, it means ‘prosperous’.
28. Asma High
29. Basimah Always smiling
30. Dariya Knowledgeable
31. Farhana Happy
32. Hana Felicity
33. Huda Guidance
34. Iman Faith
35. Jameela Beautiful
36. Kareema Generous
37. Khalida Eternal
38. Lateefa Gentle
39. Marriyah Fair woman
40. Najma Star
41. Noora Light
42. Qayima Precious
43. Raheema Beneficent
44. Rasheeda Righteous
45. Saba Morning breeze
46. Sakeena Tranquillity
47. Sultana Queen
48. Taliba This uncommon Muslim girls’ name means ‘seeker of knowledge’.
49. Tasneem Fountain of Paradise
50. Uzma One of the more unique Muslim baby girl names, it translates to ‘supreme’.

Whether you’re searching for Muslim baby names for a girl or a boy, the above list is full of baby names that carry significant meaning and will be loved by all. Looking for more baby names? Have a look at top 100 popular India baby names by Pampers. Get Ideas and inspirations to find a perfect name for baby with the help of Pampers India.

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