Baby Boy Names & Baby Girl Names Starting From ‘D’

The beautiful journey of 40 weeks is in its final stretch. You are in the last few weeks of your third trimester and the countdown to hold your baby in your arms has begun. The first time your baby opens its eyes, you are surely going to fall in love with her. It is love at first sight! One of the first few things you will be doing for your baby is finding her a perfect name. The final few weeks of your pregnancy is the perfect time to start hunting for baby names for your little one. While choosing from a plethora of baby names, it is advisable that your partner and you decide on an alphabet first. After much discussion, say you’ve both chosen the alphabet ‘D’. You will soon be on the lookout for names starting with D. The process of choosing a name with D for your baby requires a team effort. So naturally not just you two parents but even your families can get involved in this bonding exercise to choose the perfect name for your little one. People in your circle will pitch in with their ideas for baby names and try to help you out. But in the end, the decision is yours. It is important that you choose a name that you resonate with and absolutely adore. Whether you opt for a modern name for your baby or a more traditional one, it is important to take your time. The name you give your baby is going to stay with her forever. The process of naming your little one can be a little scary at first, but equally exciting. But don’t worry, we are here guide you through this name-finding mission, and help you find the perfect name for your little one. Here is a list of D related girl names and boy names, which can be your starting point while choosing a name. The list comes with meanings, to help you choose faster. Keep on reading to find a name that you will fall in love with for your little one.

Baby Girl Names with D and their meanings:

DabbahDeep-rooted, firmly established
DadhijaName Of A King
DaiseyFrom the town near the cliff
DakotaFamous in battle
DakshaConsciousness Or Spirit Or Intelligence Or Sensation
DakshataGarland Of Flowers
DakshayaniName Of Ancient King
DakshiBow Of Shiva
DakshinaDaughter Of The Moon
DaliyaBeautiful, charitable, loving
DallynA swarthy woman or having coal-black hair
DaneenBeautiful angel, night
DaniaConstant or steadfast
DanikaOne who offers consolation
DarielaThe near and dear one
DarikaThe Phase Of Moon Two Nights After New Moon, Ray Of Moon
DarleenOne who has charming personality
DarpanaAttractive Like The Moon
DarpanikaOne With A Round Face ( Like Full Moon )
Darshinithe one who blesses
DaxA reference to the Greek moon goddess , artemis
DayadaLit By The Moon
DayamayeeA Name Of Lord Hanuman
DayanitaName Of A God, Dependability
DayitaThe Word Charan Is Of Sanskrit Origin Meaning 'Foot’, ‘Support' And 'Good Conduct'.
DeannaFrom the valley or resembling the flower
DebanshiOne Who Has Won Over The Lord
DebjaniRadha And Lord Krishna
DeepaLove To Gods
DeepaliName Of Shiva
DeepanaBeautiful Jewel
DeepanwitaStriving For Beauty
DeepikaLamp Or Light
DeepthiLast Ray Of Hope When All Hope Is Lost
DeeptiConsciousness, Life
DelishaRadha, Lover Of Lord Krishna
DellaneyMy judge
DeloraMorning star
Desireedesired, wished
DevakanthaLord Of The Soul
DevalathaA Fragrant Material
DevalekhaGod Of Destiny
DevamayiBeautiful Eyed
DevangiGreatest Of All
DevanshiGolden Creeper
DevarsiWith A Bright Chariot
Devashree Lord Ram
DevashriBeautiful, Decorated
DevbrataJoy Of Inner Mind
DevikaLittle Goddess
DevyaniLike A Goddess
DhanashriCommander Of Group
DhaniLight Of Victory
DhanishtaOne Who Controls
DharaGift Of Indra
DhariniAs Strong As Indra
DharitriA Mirror
DhithiEmotional, Beautiful Lady
DhritiEvening Time (Time To Light Lamps)
DinaKings Pride, Ornament
DinazA religious song or music.
DishaHappy Victor
DivyaWith Knowledge Of God
DraupadiWife Of Pandavas
DurgaThe Inaccessible Or Goddess Durga Or Goddess Parvathi


Baby Boy Names with D and their meanings:

DaaminUnknown, Mystery, Maze
Daanishknowledge or wisdom
DaaronThe lame one
DakshThe Moon
DaksheshKing Of Fragrance
DakshithWho Has Blue Lotus Eyes
DalajitPhases Of The Moon
DalbirPropriety Of A King
DaleeOne who is helpful or a wealthy man / acting as a cushion
DallanFamous seafarer
DamarisBlack haired or swarthy
DamionSon of Nicholas
DanielGod is my judge
DanishNot straight
DanniellResembling a lamb
DanteCheerful or goodhearted
DanvirLord Of Ganga.
DarimTo help, assist
DarioFrom the court
DariusHeart's companion or heart's delight
DarpakAs Beautiful As The Moon
DarpanLord Shiva
DarpreetGift Of Rama
DarshThe Moon
DarshakThe Moon
DarshalThe Name Has Many Origins. The Arabic Version Means ‘Gates Of Paradise/Heaven’. In Sanskrit, The Name Means 'Little Prince' While The Name Stands For ‘Graceful' In Jewish.
DarshilWife Of The Moon
DarshitStar, Moon Light
DasharathMoon- Light
DattaLord Shiva
DavidConstruction, Arrangement
DayaalMoon-Like Face
DayakarOf The Moon Or Another Name For The Goddess Devi
DayaramSong, Bhagavad Gita
DayashankarQuick, Lightening, Goddess Lakshmi
DayaswarupAn Ancient Physician
DaylaGod is my judge
DaytonFrom daegel, England
DeannGrain or corn
DeenanathBorn Of Beauty
DeenbabdhuBeautiful Creeper- Like
DeepName Of A Mountain In Gokul
DeepakKing Of A Swan
DeepanServant Of Hari
DeepankarOne Who Enhances Beauty
DeependuSmart, Wise
DeepeshLiked By Hari ( Goddess Lakshmi, Radha)
DemetriusMorning star
DenisFrom daniel-judged by god
DenisseAn enduring man or everlasting
DenleyFrom the name daniel
DennisAngel of rains and rivers
DerwinAngel of rains and rivers
DevThe Moon
DevaanshLord Rama
DevabrataSweet or Fruit
DevalThe Sun
DevangAs Beautiful As A Picture
DevankSeries Of Pictures
DevarshAn Ancient King Of Avadh
DevashishA King Of Gandharvas
DevdattaLord Of The Soul
DevenLord Rama
DevendraLord Of Gold
DeveshGod of Gods
DevnathA Rudra
DevpreetLord Rama
DhananjayProduced From Petals
DhaneshLord Of The Earth
DhanrajLord Of Earth
DhanushBright And Brave Indra
DharampalVictorious, Durga
DharamveerA King
DharmendraOne Who Is Given
DharmenduA Son Of Atri, A God
DharmeshLord Indra
DharmpalMerciful Lord Shiva
DhawalKind Person
DheerOcean Of Compassionate
DheerajMerciful Lord Shiva
DhirenOf The Universe
DhrupadGrand, Splendid, Goddess Parvati
DhruvVictory Of Lord Shiva
DhyanSun, Lord Of Night
DhyaneshBright Moon
DhyaneshwarOne Who Is Splendid
DianneThe beloved one
DigvijayBright Moon
DilberGlow, Shine
DileepA Beam Of Light
DilpreetThe King
DinakarA Divine Being
DinkarSon Of Gods
DionnThe god of wine and revelry
DipenAn Ancient King
DipenduA Name Of Bhishma
DivakarLord Of The Gods
DiveshThe Goddess Of Victory
DivyamDaughter Of Manu
DivyanshuThe One With The Good
DivyenduBrightness Of The Lord
DominicOf The Lord
DonaldGreat Chief
DushyantSage Of The Devas
DylanSon Of The Wave


Unisex Baby Names with D and their meanings:

DaanaOne who is lame
DaceOf the earth
DafneGlory + father
DahanaThe Moon
DajaFrom the town on the hill
DakottaHeard from afar
DalbertHe who supplants
DalonSkinned or coal miner
DalynA young man or of the victorious people
DamarcusYoung female
DamiannA young man or of the victorious people
DanielaHonest or brave advisor
DaniellaOne who is steadfast or firm dinos
DanikkaOne who offers consolation
DannA red- headed woman
DanneResembling the semiprecious sea growth or from the reef
DanniaA steep hill
DannielMaker of cord
DannielaResembling a lamb
DanniellaFrom the hollow or of the churning waters
DanteeHorn or horned
DarcieDweller near a hollow
DarellWord for huckleberry; beloved
DarenFrom the hollow or of the churning waters
DariaResembling silver / one who is holy
DarinFrom the court
DarlaFrom the hollow or of the churning waters
DarleeneFrom the riverbank
DarnellShort land
DarylFollower of Christ
DasiaGift of God
DawnaWide meadow
DayaLord Shiva
DeliaFrom Denmark or bright as day
DemarcusWoman from Denmark
DemarioOf the divine or in mythology , goddess of the moon and the hunt
DennisonOf the deer park
DentonOur little darling
DereckA gift
DerekA kingly man or one who is wealthy
DesmondA gift
DestinnyA gift
DirkHollow or valley
DeshanOf the Nation
DevaA divine being


Phew! Now that you have made it to the end of this long list, we hope to have helped you find the perfect baby name and that you fell in love with it.

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