Baby Names That Start with X

Hey would-be-mom and dad, congratulations! You're about to meet the apple of your eye very soon. As you hold your baby in your arms and stare into his or her first gaze, it's going to be love at first sight! From then on, you both will get super busy taking care of your little tot and making the most adorable memories together. Not to forget, with the naming ceremony around the corner, there's going to be a lot of hustle-bustle while you begin preparations. Amidst this, finding the best baby name would be difficult, leaving you with a decision taken in rush. So, now is the right time to start looking for some baby names with X (if that's your chosen letter). However, you must be wondering how to choose a name without knowing your baby's gender. Worry not; you can always shortlist some names from X for both girls and boys. This will save you some time and will help you pick the best name for your little one. Finding X letter names can be daunting and will surely require some team effort. So, go ahead and divide the task amongst your partner and other family members. Some can search for names that start with X for girls, while others can search for baby boy names with the letter X. While everyone will share their ideas, you might find yourself in a dilemma about the name to pick. Start by shortlisting your favourite names, take your time to finalise the two best ones. Remember, as parents it’s going to be your decision in the end. Although the process can seem a little overwhelming, worry not; here are some simple tips that will help you:

  • Decide on whether you want it to be a modern or traditional baby name.

  • Whether you choose names that start with X for a girl or a boy, they shouldn’t be very long when combined with the last name.

  • You can also choose a name with a meaning close to your heart.

  • You can also create a name using the parents' name blending technique.

  • You and your partner should be happy with the name that you all have chosen.

Before you start your name-hunt-mission, take a look below to find a list of X letter names for your baby. You can also find the respective meanings beside each name, which will help you choose faster:

Boy Names That Start With X


X Names for BoysMeaning
XinNew; beautiful
XaviProtector of mankind; key
XhivaLord Shiva
XitijWhere the Earth and the sky meet
XuhasEver smiling
XylonFrom the forest; wood, or forest
XanderSplendid; defender of mankind
XankarCrossing Shiva
XavianLight; sun
XavierBright; splendid; the helper
XaviourJesus; God's name
XetrapatiLord of the body
XayadvirahVictorious over enemies
XantheusOne who is golden-haired
XesúsGod is salvation
XoánBrazilian form of Juan, meaning God is gracious
XsamDynamic personality
XeaviNew house
XanaLord of the tribal community
XanaduMongolian city
XolaniPeace; tree
XinavaneOne who lives his life long
XamakOne who shines brightly
XhimOne who is kind and soft-hearted
XantoBlonde haired
XerxesRoyal ruler; king; prince
XylemA root of the tree
XaganCross over water; ford worldly cares
XagarPass through worldly cares
XabrielGod is my strength
XachariahGod is renowned
XadenA cleansing beam of light
XaelFrom the sea
XaidanIncrease; growth
XaivinCalm; patient
XaizerFull of life; energy
XayneGift from God
XameerIndependent; adventurous
XamuelGift from God
XamzaLion; strong
XenithThe very top


Girl Names That Start with X


X Girl NamesMeaning
XmaGentle and tolerant; forgiveness
XamiEverything known; praised
XaraSoftness; princess
XayaShadow; variant of Saya
XenaBrave; beautiful
XeryAll true
XitaDual nature
XyloHope; sky; fiercest
XalakSplendour; shimmer
XamakTwinkle; shimmer; shine
XayahShadow; variant of Saya/Xaya
XeenaWoman of hospitality
XeniaHospitality; welcoming; guest
XiangGood luck; fragrance; pleasant
XanaduMongolian city
XeaneeThe one that cannot be broken
XoiniaFrom the farming land
XolikaScented ion
XailajaCrossing the daughter of the mountain
XemjeetTopper; intelligent
XundariBeautiful; variant of Sundari
XiannahGod is gracious
XimenaWho has heard of
XiomaraBeautiful in the war; the war known
XiaName of the first recorded dynasty of ancient China
XainaBeautiful fairy
XandriaDefender of mankind
XavieraBright; splendid; new home
XeniProtector of plants, flowers
XahliaPlace of paradise; attractive inside out
XuliahVariant of Julia
XeviaBright; variant of Xavier
XireshaSacred; variant of Sirisha
XainabaGenerosity; fragrant flower; variant of Zainab
XaverieNew house


Phew! That was a long list. But we hope you were able to find your favourite names. And if you still wish to explore some more options before making a choice, check out our Baby Name Generator tool. Happy Naming!

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