Baby Names That Start with Z

Hey mom- and dad-to-be, welcome to the final phase of your pregnancy! Soon, you will be holding the little bundle of joy within your arms, and as you stare into his or her first gaze, it's going to melt your heart. Both of you will get busy making the most adorable memories with your new family member, and with the naming ceremony around the corner, there's going to be a lot of hustle-bustle. Amidst the chaos, finding the best baby name would be difficult, leaving you with a decision taken in a rush. So, start looking for some baby names with Z (if that's your chosen letter) before your baby arrives. Now, we understand that choosing a name without knowing your baby's gender seems strange, but you can always shortlist some Z baby boy names and girl names. This will save you some time and will help you pick the best name for your little one. Choosing names with the letter Z is going to be a team effort, so go ahead and divide the tasks amongst the family members. Let some search for baby girl names that start with Z, and others search for baby boy names that start with Z. While everyone will share their ideas, you might find yourself in a dilemma about the name to pick. So, start by shortlisting your favourite names, take your time to finalise the two best ones. Remember, as parents it’s going to be your decision in the end. Although the process can seem a little daunting, worry not; here are some simple tips that will help you:

  • Decide on whether you want it to be a modern or traditional baby name.

  • The baby's name shouldn’t be very long when combined with the last name.

  • You can also choose a name with a meaning close to your heart.

  • You can also create a name using the parents' name blending technique.

  • You and your partner should be happy with the name that you all have chosen.

Before you start your name-hunt-mission, take a look below to find a list of baby names with Z. You can also find the respective meanings beside each name, which will help you choose faster:

Boy Names That Start with Z


Z Names for BoysMeaning
ZevDeer; sky; wolf
ZaidHonest; great; increase; growth
ZaanFrom near the Zaan river
ZainSwords; excellent; happy
ZaydSuperabundance; to increase
ZaynBeautiful; a worshipper of God
ZeenA handsome man
ZehnAbility; ingenuity; intellect; wit
ZeusKing of Gods; Jupiter; God
ZionSign; sunny; parched place
ZivaBrilliance; brightness; glow
ZyanBright; adornment; beautification
ZabirThe person who has religious knowledge
ZaeemRich; healthy; leader; guarantor
ZafarBrave; victory; triumph
ZafirVictorious; a successful one
ZahanGift of God; world
ZahidChaste; altruistic; saint; pious
ZahinGreat; intelligent; clever
ZahirProtector; poet; obvious; shining
ZakiaSmart; intelligent
ZakirShiva; one who remembers
ZamarTo make music to God
ZamirBrave; handsome; strong; song
ZaranThe flow of the river; golden
ZatinA variant of Jatin; Lord Shiva
ZayanBright; graceful
ZayedDelight; to increase; happy
ZayinHebrew alphabet
ZehanWhiteness; brightness; drought
ZaaribOne who beats; sticker
ZamrLion's roar
ZafofCool person
ZafrulHonest; reliable; very ambitious
ZaidanGrowth and increase
ZameerThe character of a person; heart; mind; conscience
ZamilBeautiful; friend; colleague


Girl Names That Start with Z


Z Names for GirlsMeaning
ZiaLight; enlightened; to tremble
ZilA river; a lake
ZoeLife; the light of life; brave
ZueVery beautiful; pretty
ZanaFlow of water
ZaraPrincess; lady; shining; light
ZayaHope; faith
ZealWaterfall; with passion
ZeelWaterfall; the body of water
ZenaMoon; fame; news; Ethiopian
ZenyNoble; form of Eugenia
ZhimSoft; gently
ZiahLight; life; pleasant; the first ray of sun
ZielLake; a river
ZilaShadow; flower
ZillShade; shadow; lake
ZinaName; beauty; welcoming
ZitaTheresa; harvest; seeker; virgin
ZivaLife; radiant; glow; splendour
ZiwaWoman of the lake
ZiyaSource of light; radiant
ZohaLight; morning light; sunrise
ZoraDaybreak; sunrise; dawn
ZoyaThe fragrance of heaven; shining
ZuhiJasmine flower; light
ZuriBeautiful; white; light
ZyahSplendour; glow; light
ZahraRadiant; beautiful; fair
ZaidaTo raise; boost; abundance
ZaifaGift of God; love
ZainaLovely; pretty; strong; cheerful
ZairaGuest; visitor; rose
ZakyaPurely righteous
ZalakInstant appearance
ZanatHeaven; paradise
ZansiName of a queen; brave
ZarkaRed or blue eye
ZaynaBeauty; grace
ZeanaLife of Zeus; hospitable
ZabyaFemale gazelle; like deer


Woah! That was a long list. We hope you were able to find your favourite names. But, if you still wish to explore some more options before making a choice, check out our Baby Name Generator tool. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Pick the best name for your baby.

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