Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy Cravings

You’re 10 weeks pregnant, and suddenly your body begins to crave food items that you hate! Dearest mommy-to-be, don’t freak out. It’s very common to crave for odd combinations of food items or even cuisines that you have never tried before. And, if you are going through this phase right now, know that there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Research shows that around 50%-90% of pregnant women experience such type of hunger during pregnancy. But the question is, why? To understand this whole concept better, let’s discuss it in a step-by-step format.

First, what are pregnancy cravings?

For folks who think this is rocket science, hear us out. It’s not! Food cravings is a very common sign during pregnancy and is simply experiencing sudden urges to eat a certain type of food. Sometimes these cravings are pretty normal, other times it may be a bit unusual. But believe a pregnant woman when she says she wants to eat chocolate ice-cream with pistachio sprinkled on top of it, in the middle of the night, because this phenomenon is real and it affects pregnant women around the world.

What causes hunger during pregnancy?

No one really knows what causes these cravings to occur, but most doctors believe that the reason behind pregnancy cravings is due to the drastic change in your hormones or simply, the idea of comfort attached with certain food items. It can also be due to something lacking in your diet, or the increased requirement of a certain vitamin or nutrient in your body.

Although it is alright to give in to these cravings. Eventually, you should draw a line somewhere. If you begin to listen to your urges throughout your pregnancy, you’ll begin to gain extra pounds, which might even affect the development of your baby and later, make it difficult for you to shed those extra kilos. So go easy on your munching habits and try to add healthy items to your list, whenever you can. Here’s a list of food products to eat and avoid during pregnancy.

Now, the next question is, when do pregnancy cravings start?

Such type of food cravings during pregnancy are mostly observed in the first trimester. However, it may increase in the second trimester and gradually decline in the third trimester.

Fortunately, these cravings may end soon after you give birth.

What are some common pregnancy cravings?

Most women feel an urgent need to eat food items that are:

  • Sugary like ice-cream, chocolates or candies

  • Dairy products like cheese and sour cream

  • Fruits

  • Starchy carbohydrates

  • Certain type of vegetables

  • Fast food items

Now that you know what are pregnancy cravings, its causes and when do pregnancy cravings start, you must also learn about when you should see a doctor about your cravings. Remember, not every craving is normal. Some can even be dangerous.

Visit our healthy pregnancy section for more tips & guide to stay healthy during pregnancy.

There have been instances of weird pregnancy cravings when pregnant women have complained about having a strong desire to eat inedible items like soap, chalk or dirt. In such case when you’re having such weird pregnancy cravings, you are advised to visit your doctor right away, as you may have a condition called “pica”, a term that comes from the Latin word ‘magpie’ – a bird known to eat almost everything. These unusual cravings can occur due to various reasons, however, it is best to talk to your doctor or midwife to understand the underlying factors and deal with them in healthy way.

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