5 Exercises to Help Relieve Back Pain During Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Lower back pain is one of the most common side-effects of pregnancy, especially as a mom-to-be gets closer to her due date. 2 out of 3 moms experience significant back pain during the third trimester. And it's actually kind of logical too! Your uterus is expanding every day, constantly shifting your center of gravity, not to mention all the extra weight you are carrying around! However, there are a few effective exercises that can help you get relief from back pain during pregnancy.

What are some remedies for back pain during pregnancy?

It is important to always practice good posture during your pregnancy. Simple tricks like standing straight, holding your chest high and keeping your shoulders relaxed will help you get rid of certain pregnancy pains.

Speak to your doctor about your health and fitness levels and ensure that you get their go ahead before you start out on any new fitness regimen.

1. Squats:

As long as you do not have any pain in your pubic or pelvic areas, squats are among the best exercises for back pain during pregnancy. Remember to always have a workout ball or a friend nearby to ensure that you do not have any accidental falls.

  • Position yourself in an open stance, arms out and your knees and feet turned out. Stick your hips back to the extent that it is comfortable.

  • Keep your weight on your heels as you get down into your squat position, feel your lower belly move up slightly.

  • Repeat (At least 10 sets make a good start)

2. Bridge pose:

This yoga asana is among the most effective solutions for lower back pain during pregnancy as it strengthens your glutes. Use a yoga mat to avoid any slipping.

  • Start flat on the mat with arms down on the sides.

  • Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the ground as close to your body as possible.

  • Now, press your heels to the floor and slowly raise your entire body (remember, your hands stay where they are). Hold, release and repeat.

Read more about 8 perfect yoga poses to practice when you’re pregnant.

3. Child pose stretch:

This stretching exercise is an excellent remedy for back pain during pregnancy because it gives a great stretch to your spine. It also relieves the pressure on all the surrounding nerves.

  • Start on all fours and keep your knees wide apart. Slowly pull your butt down towards your legs while simultaneously lowering yourself until you are as close to the floor as possible.

  • Now stretch your arms out in front of you as much as possible. If your bulging belly gets in the way, rest on your elbows. Hold for 1 minute or as long as comfortable.

4. Seated stretches:

This is another stretch and strengthening exercise to heal back pain during pregnancy. It works by toning your back muscles and ensures instant relief.

  • Sit with your legs crossed and extend your arms overhead. Interlock your fingers with each other if possible.

  • Now, lean in one direction and feel a stretch on the other side. Repeat by leaning in the other direction. Repeat 3-5 times.

5. Stretches while bent over:

The primary reason for pregnancy pains are weak back muscles. This stretch will strengthen your lower back muscles and will significantly reduce back pain during the third trimester.

  • Stand with your knees spread apart and feet firmly planted on the ground.

  • Bend over at your waist until your back is parallel to the ground. Now, join your fingers together and raise your arms until they are also parallel to the ground.

  • Repeat 3-5 times.

Safety tips:

As you enter your third trimester, your body can feel off-balance. Hence, any exercises to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy should be done by following some basic safety tips:

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes and a good support bra

  • Invest in shoes that provide your body excellent support without risking injury

  • Don't exercise for an hour after eating

  • Always exercise in a relaxed and leisurely manner

Kegel exercises are also proven beneficial during pregnancy. If you are interested in running during pregnancy, here’s a quick guide for running during pregnancy. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on the path to a pain-free pregnancy! From week by week expert tips on pregnancy calendar to new born baby care tips, Pampers India is here to guide you through the amazing journey of early parenthood. Learn more about us, our baby diaper products & commitment to you.

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